Anybody taken advantage of Coursera?

triciaeSeptember 20, 2012

I've been purchasing courses from The Teaching Company for almost ten years and love them. Value for cost expended is outstanding. Selection is also outstanding - hundreds available. Professors are considered the best in the country for their chosen field. Keeps my brain active, ya know.

Now, I'm considering taking advantage of Coursera. They're free and given from the world's best universities. I'm not interested in this but for those who might be - there's no credit but certificate programs are available.

Anyway, wondering if anybody's has taken one of these classes and what they think? This semester, there are 195 classes offered. I guess offerings are different each semester.


Here is a link that might be useful: Coursera

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I checked out your link. Lots of interesting courses. I love to learn just for the sake of learning. I might check out some future courses. Thanks for the tip.

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I find it interesting you're saying this tricia. I hadn't heard of them. My employer just joined them, until yesterday. They made our announcement on campus yesterday. Here's what we're doing this time around:

� Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative,
� Research Data Management: Best Practice and Applied Methods
� Innovation Strategy: Managing Innovation and Creativity in Individuals, Groups, and Organizations
� Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights
� Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures for Concurrent and Networked Software

Should be interesting to see what people end up thinking about what is going on out there. I don't choose our courses, so don't ask me! But there you have it.

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Thanks for the responses.

Yes, Clare, I found the classes interesting also. I like the variety. I've been stuck in a history rut taking 7-8 courses in a row. I'm ready for something different.

I've decided to take "Aboriginal Worldviews and Education" from the University of Toronto. Different but still within my area of interest.

It's an area I've never explored and think I'd find it interesting.

rob333, that's amazing that my post and your employer's announcement coincide! I'm assuming by the classes that you work for Vanderbilt. The participating universities are certainly impressive. I think it's a great opportunity for anybody just wanting more varied education.


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I bookmarked a class called A History of the World Since 1300 a few months ago. I'm not sure how it works. Do people have to take the class together at a certain time or can you start it whenever it's convenient?

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Oh rats, that course already started, but there are a lot of other interesting ones that have not started yet. Thanks for reminding me, tricia.

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I don't know Coursera, but I've been doing Audio Courses from the Teaching Company from my local library... I have a long commute (all the way to Simsbury) so they are great company on my 90 minute drive each way! (and free! I love audio books from my library)

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I do. You're very pereceptive Ms. Tricia. Let me know how your courses go since I too am considering taking some.

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