"Resolution Changer" and Frequent Use

not2brightAugust 21, 2012


I have the little program Resolution Changer on my computer, since my (non-wide-screen) LCD monitor's native resolution is 1280 x 1024 and I preferred the 1024 x 768 setting. However, recently, because some sites I am more frequently visiting -- and some new sites -- end up with a horizontal scroll bar at that setting (like some of my webmail sites), I'm thinking of changing it back to the 1280 x 1024 for my own purposes, since that setting solves the scroll bar issue. But the other user of this home desktop prefers the 1024 x 768 setting.

My question is: will using this program to change the resolution settings more frequently (back-and-forth between the two above settings a half dozen times a day or so) create too much wear-and-tear on the computer and/or monitor ? If so, I'll avoid making the change to 1280 x 1024.

Thanks !

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I would not think it would make any difference to the wear and tear, just the frustration level of both users perhaps.

Not sure how much you need to scroll left and right but perhaps a better mouse with side scrolling might be the answer. With mine if I need horizontal scroll I simply push the scroll wheel one side or the other.

You might even like some of the other button features offered on 8 button mouses, mices or meeses.

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Plain and simple. Nope. It would be the same service demand as if you were toggling with F11 or toggling ctrl+ and ctrl-.


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You're going to get the best display on your monitor if use it's native resolution. There are ways within Windows to adjust things like icon and text size. Create accounts for each user and from there they can adjust Windows to their own liking.

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Thanks to all of you for your responses !

owbist, I appreciate the info regarding mouses/mice/meeses with side-scrolling. I'm afraid, though, that in our particular situation, the frustration level for me in always having to scroll horizontally at the sites where I would need to is higher than that of simply adjusting the resolution for each internet session of mine. So, I'll probably settle for the latter. But thanks for the suggestion !

mike, Thanks for the comment re: Windows settings. But in our case it's a bit more than icons and text, and the resolution changer program solves the extra concerns. So I'm glad you, DA and owbist agree that the wear-and-tear is minimal.

Thanks again ! :-)

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Since I am not 100% sure as to your goal, I ask have you tried ctrl+ and ctrl-? This might be the resulting effects you are searching for without an additional utility.


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Forgot this.

A use of the Ctrl+/- combined with F11 givers you a full adjustable viewing screen except for the vertical scroll bar.

To activate the hidden toolbar just move your cursor to the top margin. Moving the cursor away causes the toolbar to hide.

I am using the combination right now and all that is showing on the display is the GW page and the scroll bar.


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Of course you could always have 2 screens hooked to the computer. I have FF on my main screen and Opera and Chrome on the second one. Prices have dropped dramatically for monitors these days.

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Thanks, DA and owbist, for the additional input ! :-)

owbist, that's something I may consider in the future. For now, though, acquiring an additional monitor is a bit too costly for the use I'd make of it. :-/

DA, to be a bit more specific... my goal in part is to have the other user be able to (among other things) play the Pogo games without squinting ;-) and have me able to access my daily websites without horizontal scrolling if at all possible. While your F11, Ctrl +/- suggestion is very helpful (!), it wouldn't resolve the Pogo issues, since those games have a pop-up play area that isn't affected by those functions.

And since the other user finds the native 1280 x 1024 setting too hard on the eyes, we've had Resolution Changer on this computer ever since we got the LCD monitor nearly two years ago, in order to have the monitor set at 1024 x 768 all the time. That setting allows the Pogo games to be more viewable/enjoyable for the other person and has been fine for me -- until this most recent issue: one of my email providers (EuMX.net) upgraded their RoundCube webmail to a version which, for some reason, does not fit on my non-widescreen monitor's display without the horizontal scrollbar.

So, since we already have this 'utility' on the computer for easy viewing anyway, I was curious enough to ask if it would be too hard on the computer or the monitor if I were to begin using it to jump back-and-forth between the two resolution settings. I'm glad to find out it wouldn't. :-)

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