Bathroom mirror dilemma?!?

emsjan1958November 7, 2012

Hi, I am new to this forum, could sure use some help! We are renovating our master bath - had 60" double vanity, now will have 94" vanity. Would like to reuse our previous beveled edge frameless mirror. Is it an absolute MUST that the mirror (1) has to be the same length as the vanity and (2) is it a big deal if the edge of the mirror only comes to the middle of each sink? Also I had an idea to cut it down the middle & have the cut side face the backsplash, then make a mosaic tile frame for the mirror, even though the cut side wouldn't have a bevel. I figured if the cut side was at

the bottom it would be much less obvious (kinda like "yeah, I MEANT to

do that"), especially with a nice tile frame. Thoughts, please? (please be

gentle to this newbie......) ;-). Oh, yeah, the mirror size is 60"W by 40"H, so by cutting it it would then be 40"H by 30"W.

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I suspect that it would be cheaper to do three separate mirrors than to try to do anything with the existing mirror if you have to get it off the wall to work with it.

But if you do, I wouldn't position the pieces so that they're in the middle, but to the outside of the vanities, like they did here with this smaller vanity. To me, it's awkward either way, though, and I don't think I'd like using this vanity every day. I'd rather have a mirror centered on the sink.

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It will look bad to have the mirror end in the middle of the sinks. You know that - you'll be brushing your teeth and look up and say, "wha?" LOL.

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I do think it will look MUCH better not to have the mirror edges above the center of the sinks.

I'm also not keen on the idea of 3 out of 4 beveled edges.

Mirrors can be quite inexpensive. If cost is an issue - can you get something from target or home goods to get you by? or off craigslist?

I will be at this point very soon.

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Ok, thanks for all the input! I recently found a place that will cut the mirror AND bevel the cut edges for me, YAY!
It's not the cost that's the issue, I just hated to waste a good mirror. Hubby got it off the wall in one piece & I have the prettiest glass & metal mosaic tiles to frame it. (a frightening note - it wasn't glued or anything, just held on the wall with those little clips!!! We're lucky it stayed in place for the last 8 years!) Will post pics when done.

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