Modern lines but reasonably priced bathtub?

ocean4October 7, 2010

We're redoing our son's bathroom - he wants modern, so we're doing the large format tile and trying to stay with clean lines. We're replacing his tub (currently some builder grade type tub that has seen better days) and looking for something with rectangular, clean lines. However, everything we've been able to find that fits the bill seems to cost a mini-fortune (at least for a secondary bath). For instance, he likes the Stark tubs that Duravit has, but they're $1,000+. We don't care if it the tub is acrylic or cast iron - we just want something that looks modern and don't want to spend more than $500 or $600 to get that look. Does anyone have any suggestions for more reasonably priced tubs with clean modern lines? It would also have to be an alcove, skirted tub, 60" long and no more than 30" wide (it's kind of a tight space).

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Hi Ocean 4,
Check out the Maxx Advanta line Newtown tub, It's listed here at less than $600. I've seen it for even less than this but can't remember where. I know Costco sells a version but it's 32" wide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maxx Newtown

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collins design

Mine is a drop-in but I had many of the same concerns... budget being a big one! I wanted the Duravit tubs, but couldn't afford them :(

I chose a Kohler Archer tub. They come in apron-front and not that expensive (~$375 and some places will ship free or Home Depot can get it for you). The only thing is that it's 32" wide. Also, it is deeper than a standard builder tub/shower tub at 19". it's GREAT for soaking in, but probably not quite as convenient for stepping in/out to shower (??? I don't know that for sure, just guessing.) But- it looks really nice, especially with the horizontal drain... although I don't know how plain/fancy the apron is, as I haven't seen it in real life.

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We did the Archer as well, as an alcove tub. Pictures are in my clippings. It's definitely very deep, but my 7-year-old can get in it no problem. My 5-year old still needs a boost, but that's mainly because I put in doors to minimize splashing, which leaves a channel he can't step or sit on. It's super easy to clean, and looks nice with our more-modern look.

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We bought the Hydro Systems Lacey. The tub is 19 inches tall and is easy to get into and out of, as a shower. I think we paid $900.

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Hi Golfgirl, Don't know if you're still around, but if you are, how did you hang your curtain? How did you attach it to the ceiling rod? Looks like there are strings of some sort attaching the curtain to the rod? Thanks!

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Hi MercerM, If you click on the picture it takes you to photobucket. Click on "next" a couple of times and you'll get a better look. It looks like it might be a metal chain.

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Thanks for your response and thanks for the info, Lotteryticket. Never knew you could do that with a picture. Learn something new every day!

Yes, tt does look like some sort of metal chain.

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It's the hardware and hangers for cubicle curtains, like they use in healthcare.

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