computer shuts down

roseluverAugust 15, 2013

My computer is shutting down every night. How can I stop it from doing that? What settings do I need to change. The more problems I have the unhappier I am about my computer being stolen.

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OK reading between the lines it seems you had a break in and now have a new computer with Windows 8?

Does it actually shut down or go into sleep mode with nothing running and no sounds of fans? That is normal, try left click on the mouse and it should wake up in a few seconds for you.

If different give us a make and operating system.

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yes, we had a break in, and I have Windows 7.

I have folders I keep open in the taskbar. The computer must shut down and restarts, my folders are gone in the mornings. I have a Dell computer, Google Chrome browser,
64 bit operating system.
Thank you!!

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Might look in Control Panel, at Power Options. You can adjust settings there.

Usually it would enter hibernate after 30 minutes or so and would save all the desktop and folders, but requires the power button to be pressed to wake it up.

Sounds like maybe yours doesn't work right, which is not that uncommon. Lots of computers have problems with the sleep and hibernate functions working correctly.

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Is this a laptop ? if it is it plugged in to charge the battery ?

Or you can check your power options and see if they are set to shut down the cpu etc

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It is a PC. I don't want it shutting down during the night.
I can't find options to stop it from shutting down.

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As Mikie reports, Power Management/Options adjustment. To achieve your desire set them to never.


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