GE Monogram vs. KitchenAid 48"range

beck724September 13, 2013

Can anyone give me a review on either (or both) the 48" duel fuel Kitchen Aid range or the GE Monogram 48" duel fuel range. Looking to purchase one for our new home.

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I feel like a crack addict. I keep telling DW that I will not look at or post anymore about our appliances. Forgive me, DW, I am weak.

We bought a 30" GE Mono DF range when we remodeled earlier this year. Yes, we got a steal on it, so that may cloud my opinion. But, we LOVE our GE range. Sealed burners (at times I do wish they were open), work fine from simmer to full blow-torch. Very small pans may be an issue, but that's not what we use. Baking is outstanding. Very even temps in the oven, heats quickly. Large capacity inside oven, top has continuous grates, which make for easy maneuvering of pots and pans. Very solid feel. We have not self-cleaned yet. Top cleans very easily. Have not bought a wok yet. Xmas is coming...

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I bought the 36 in GE monogram DF range after a TON of research. After changing my mind a million times, I was set on the Electrolux DF, but my trusted appliance guy told me that 10 out of 10 times he would go for the GE Monogram over the Elux. I really didn't find ANY feedback on this forum regarding the GE Monogram range, just a lot of GE dislike in general. Glad to hear Whit461 loves his. I haven't gotten mine yet, but am hoping to have a similar experience.

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I love, love, love my Monogram DF range.

Almost always use the small oven (roast veggies every evening for dinner) and it heats to 400 in under 10 minutes. Exterior door surface stays cool to the touch, you would never know the oven was on if it wasn't lit up and you didn't check the dial. Exhaust is at the top rear so it doesn't exhaust the heat out at you (it's angled slightly toward the burners so doesn't go straight up to the backsplash either). And the full extension oven racks are the bomb.

If I had it to do all over again I would pass on the griddle as I've never gotten the hang of seasoning it properly. The grill is great and I use it a lot.

I like that there are two separate timers, one for each oven (some ranges we looked at didn't have dual timers). The rangetop has pretty cool reversible grates for wok cooking but I've never tried those myself as I'm not a wokker.

On the purely cosmetic side, I think it's nice looking. And the decorative LED running lights look pretty groovy at night. :)

Lastly, we had a good service experience. Ours was cosmetically damaged (dented) at the bottom corner when being unloaded from the delivery truck at our home when the dolly was set wrong and they tried to tilt up at the toe plate. It took GE a couple of months, maybe it was 10 weeks, to replace the damaged plate because of some kind of issue with backorder. Not a huge deal because it wasn't a performance problem but we were kinda bummed since it was a brand new range with a dent on the bottom ... so then GE gave us a complimentary 5-year extended warranty because of the delay. We were very satisfied with how they handled that, and we would definitely buy GE again.

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I'm thankful for your experience with GE Monogram...something we are sadly NOT EXPERIENCING! We purchased the entire GE Monogram package November 2011...first issue was with wall oven door which became too hot to touch & would not open...sensor replaced...second issue was GRIDDLE FIRE & after grease continued to seep under griddle ("due to design flaw" as repair tech explained) it is unsafe to use....third issue is with 48" side by side refrigerated side staying between 22-27 degrees thus freezing refrigerated foods TWICE even after fresh food sensor, foam core, damper and mother board being replaced! Now waiting on new damper which is costing us over $400!!!! Happy??? Not in the least!!! GE Tech actually told me "it's a shame you didn't wait to buy in 2013 because they are now all made in US not China like your 2011." Reassuring, HUH?!?

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