Baseboard tile issue and vanity placement

Cari611October 1, 2011

Hi everyone, the latest issue I'm facing is this: we are doing baseboard tile about 6" high with pencil on top on the wall where our vanity is.

The vanity has an open shelf so you can see the bottom part, and that shelf is 5" off the ground. If we tile behind the vanity, it has to sit 1" out from the wall to accommodate the tile/pencil thickness. If we don't, it will likely look like we just skipped that section of baseboard. We could theoretically cut a 1" strip of tile to sit on top of the bottom shelf, but it seems complicated.

The other issue is that we had originally planned to have the vanity sit flush against the wall to the left of it, but our plumbing is not exactly centered. To have it centered, it would need to sit 1-2" from that left wall. Is that gap so small that it will look weird?

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

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Your vanity back can be notched to fit around the protruberance of the tile. A dremel or multi tool are the perfect choices in this instance. And exposed plumbing vanities need the plumbing centered. Yes, it would look odd with that gap. The wall needs to be opened and the plumbing waste outlet moved over. Be sure to use the chrome P traps and supply lines.

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