1st question, island ledge query

abandyAugust 12, 2014

Hello! I have checked to see if anyone has asked something similar, but couldn't find it. Your opinions are so helpful I thought I would ask. I noticed fishymom prefers a ledge, but for different reasons than why we are wondering.
We are remodeling a small kitchen and separate dining area by taking down 2 walls to open it up. The cooktop will be on an island; there is nowhere else to put it as the oven/range will become a wall oven.
I feel a little freaked out that I will be cooking with no wall in front of me, just space. I worry things will simply slide off the back onto the floor (salt pig, pepper mill POTS!). So, I suggested to our designer and my husband that we put a ledge behind the cooktop on the island, and it can double as a place to set an open cookbook, my iPad, or a glass (of wine). It's 7 1/2 inches high off the cooktop counter, and 12.5 inches deep
Hubby doesn't prefer it; he likes the smooth uncluttered look of a flat top island. He wants to know if my concern is a practical one or experiential b/c I haven't cooked on an island before,and I don't know what it's like. (I would get used to it.)
What do you think? I have attached a picture of the design.
Thanks so much for your time.

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Darn it, I meant to put this in 'Kitchens'. My apologies.

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Your island is about the same depth as mine. I don't have a range in mine, but I have never placed something on the back 3rd of it and had it fall onto the floor on the far side.

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My island cooktop is a similar depth. I've never dropped anything over the back of it. How wide is the cooktop and how much room is on each side? Provided you have sufficient room on the sides of the cooktop, it should be fine.

I've lived with an island cooktop for almost 20 years. I can't imagine the day when I have to cook looking at a wall again. Different strokes I guess.

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It's OK to ask a kitchen question here.

I never put a sink or a stove in a counter with seating at the same level; I find it unpleasant to face these appliances without any protection. A higher counter for sitting can be very effective if it is detailed well.

I have attached a photo of a very impressive architect designed kitchen that I visited to see a contractor's work. The counter is matte finished granite.

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another view

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Oh! Renovator8 that's beautiful! And you can't see the soap etc from the other side.

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My cooktop is on an island/pennisula. I tend to put things on either side and have never lost a pan off the back.

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It's not in the design of the ledge that makes it uncomfortable to sit at for most people, it's the stools. I don't like having to climb up to a chair. If I do, I definitely NEED a place to put my feet, having them hang puts pressure on the backs of my legs, which gets uncomfortable. Very few high stools are designed properly. And even if they are, given a choice, I'd still rather not climb up.

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The discomfort I was referring to was having a cooktop or sink directly in front of you.

As for the chairs, I sat in the leather ones in the photo and they were wonderful. It takes some money to pull this design off well so its not for a tight budget kitchen.

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We did a raised ledge for the portion of our kitchen that housed the sink. See pics. We did bar seating on that whole section of the kitchen.

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Our cooktop is currently in the island with no ledge. I vote for ledge mainly so that the cooktop isn't on full view when it's not sparkling clean (which is most of the time). The ledge would partially obscure it from people in the other room.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm not normally a fan of a ledge. My island has just one small prep sink off to the side...the rest is free and clear. But if I had to have a cooktop or a sink in the island, I'd definitely want a ledge to get some protection from splashing and splattering from the activity there.

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