you tube problem - need help!!

lindalouAugust 27, 2013

i have numerous playlists on youtube. this is my main place for listening to music. about 2 weeks ago, i had no sound. my laptop speakers are ok, because i listen to pandora, also.
i noticed on the youtube video screen, bottom left, there is an 'x' next to the speaker symbol. i have tried to remove the x by left clicking and right clicking on it, but nothing happens.
can someone help me with this??
thanks, so much!!

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See the little volume slider to the right of the speaker icon on the youtube player ... can you slide it to the right ?

You might need to delete all your cookies which remembers that speaker setting - or update your flash player.

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thanks, so much, mike. by sliding the volume slider to the right, i got my volume back.

thanks, again!!! :)

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