New master bath

Katy60October 24, 2013

I haven't posted much, but obtained a lot of guidance from the forums which provided answers to so many questions I hadn't even thought of as well as inspiration. Here is my new master bath. The goal was to increase floor space so that a relative using a walker could get in and out easily, add toilet grab bars, and replace an old fiberglass tub and adjoining shower stall with one big shower. The flat entry shower and those grab were added with possible future needs in mind. Unfortunately, the medicine cabinets couldn't be inset and they are a bit big for the space. However, I gave up 20 inches of vanity and so needed the storage. Still haven't found some of the final decorative items. It was previously beige tile, cheap linoleum, round bulb strip lighting, and white fiberglass. Walking into it now just makes me happy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos

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I like the clean lines in your new bathroom & the light & airy look of it. Is that Carrera tile on the vanity counter & in the shower? Now that most of the difficult work has been done, enjoy picking out those accessories. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks really nice! Clean. You gave me a idea for my remodel with the small wall separating the toilet from the vanity. How big is the shower?

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Thank you for your kind comments. Terzen, the vanity top is carrara and the shower is a fake carrara tile. Various discussions on this forum as to the relative merits of the fake tiles available was a great help. IILynch723, the shower is 37 inches by 99 with a 36 inch entry. It basically fills the space where the old separate shower and tub were.

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Hey, why don't you post a few pictures here on the forum :) My browser does not identify your web link and I have never had that warning pop up before, so I am not going to connect, but would love to see some pictures.

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I was trying to do that, but couldn't figure out how to do more than one. Here's the first

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Here's another view

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Katy60 - I just started a blog about staining of my marble shower floor. Wish I had used a faked marble so I wasn't dealing w/this issue. Not sure how I'm going to resolve this with my GC.

I also like your makeup mirror. The one I chose is so big with 5X magnification, I scare myself!

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Terzen- I saw your posting. I don't have any helpful information, but you have my sympathy. The delay and having things up in the air must be very stressful.

I've never had a pull out make up mirror, and really like it. I'm not sure I could take any more magnification--I don't need that clear a view of my wrinkles!

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