Zone Alarm's System Check Software

luis_prAugust 26, 2012

I received a try out for a piece of software from Zone Alarm called System Check, powered by IOLO Technologies. I am confused by the name, sometimes it is called System Mechanic and other times System Check. Not terriby important though...

It found some things to fix on my PC but, yes, it only detects problems and does not fix them unless you fork over the price of a new rose bush (can't remember exactly how much but maybe around $25).

Two questions that I have:

Does anyone else have it? Care to give your two cents on how do you like (or not)?

Does anyone think there is a better or cheaper alternative out there? Care to give your two cents on alternatives that you like or do not like?

TIA, Luis

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First you need to see if this is a legit program called System Mechanic or a virus called System check - from what I have just read.

What are you trying to achieve?
What operating system do you have?

Only you can decide if you wish to spend the money, I like free programs personally.

This is one of those cases where I advise something I always fail to do myself. One should create a Restore point prior to installing stuff so they can revert if the new software does not live up to expectation.

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I would not waste my money. You can do the same thing with any number of free programs. I use CCleaner along with the tools provided by Microsoft on your computer such as disk cleanup and defragmenter. I do use Auslogics defragmenter since it is faster than the onboard MS one. You can clean up your hard drive by uninstalling programs that you never use. Just no need for a paid program that just might mess up things for you.

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I agree don't waste the money and follow grandms suggestions. Zone Alarms program is called System checkup.


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