Futuro Futuro vs. Kobe range hoods

hnlwillSeptember 28, 2009

Hello everyone,

I need advice on a 30" range hood and have narrowed the choices down to two: the Futuro Futuro Moon Crystal, at http://www.futurofuturo.com/wall_mounted_30_Moon_Crystal_116.html, or the Kobe CX1830GS-8, at http://www.koberangehoods.com/product/CX-183.html. This is for a 30" Bosch electric cooktop. Which hood would you recommend?

The Moon Crystal generates a maximum of 3.2 sones while the Kobe generates a maximum of 2.8. Is this a significant difference? What do they translate to in terms of decibels?

I understand the Moon Crystal moves 940 CFM. Is this power really necessary for our cooktop? And is this why the Moon Crystal costs $1295 while the Kobe costs about $828, or is there also a disparity in quality and workmanship?

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I can't comment on the quality of the hoods, but sones and dB don't convert -- dB (in this context) is a strict "noise power" measurement, whereas sones include some of effects of perception on hearing. Sones tell you "how loud" you think something is -- For example, a whining disk drive or fan in a computer tends to be pretty low on a dBA scale, but because all the power is concentrated, it "sounds loud" to you. There are other differences in the math behind them, but...

I wouldn't put much stake in anyone's dB or sone measurements, except perhaps to compare within lines. As far as I know there aren't any industry-wide standards on how to measure, and the results are just about as suspect as the CFM numbers they toss around.

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Thank you, sfjeff. I think that, to a lot of people, myself included, the term "sones" doesn't carry much meaning, unlike "decibels."

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Don't forget that you're comparing sound levels at 600 CFM against 940 CFM. If the max sound rating is 3.2 sones at 940, it has to be lower at 600.
Also, don't forget that you're comparing Chinese quality and Chinese specifications to real Italian products and real specifications. That's why there's a price difference, as you noticed.

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Kobe is a Japanese brand, like Sony or Mitsubishi or Toyota. I don't know where the units are manufactured.

Comparing CFMs can be misleading. The Kobe vents through and 7" pipe vs. a 6" pipe for the Futuro, so maybe the effective ventilation is similar.

If you like both hoods, I would get the less expensive one.

I say this even though I have a Futuro hood and like it.

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We went with a Futuro a year ago. It was a snap to install. The quality inside & out is obvious. I cannot speak about the Kobe, but that brand didn't come up in my research. If I had to do it over, I would go with the same product.
As far as power is concerned, I don't think you can have too much. You don't always have to use it, but it is nice to have if you need it.

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Kobe hoods are not Japanese, the name might be but the products are made in Taiwan and China.

Unless the hoods are certified by a third party, such as HVI, I wouldn't give much thought to the made-up sones ratings both of those manufacturers list. You really need to listen to the hoods to get a better feel for what they sound like.

Also, it is impossible to move 940 CFM through a 6" pipe so I would be weary of what some manufacturers tell you. The best thing you can do is read reviews about the products and if people are happy with them then great!

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Some manufacturers (wisely) suggest "immediately" transitioning from the 6" outlet to an 8" duct for their 600 CFM class hoods.

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Kobe list both sones and db's at low speed it is 1.3 sones (44db) and at high it is 2.8 sones (55db)

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We have a futuro futuro hood and here is my PERSONAL opinion...

I would NEVER buy Chinese anything if I can avoid it even if it means paying more and part of the reasoning behind that has to do with China funding wars all over Africa and other parts of the world.

Anyway, off my speaker's platform and onto reality...

Firstly, based on your electric cooktop a 400-600CFM hood should be adequate. Whichever hood you purchase you really shouldn't let noise dictate your choice. Let's be honest, you cook for what, an hour max on weeknights and maybe a bit more on holidays and weekends. Even with my hood on full power, over which I will admit it is hard to conduct a conversation, I would still choose form over function provided function was still adequate for my needs. By the same token all things being equal in looks and functionality I would choose by price.

I find I only use full power if I am high heat cooking like stir fry, everything else seems to be fine on low which is just a humming background noise only really noticeable after a while by the silence when you turn it OFF.

On the other hand I often entertain when the cooking is completed before the guests arrive and my hood looks beautiful and quiet then :) and my house has no cooking smells other than the ones I wanted to escape.

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Hey, hnlwill. What did you decide? I'm actually considering the same exact question (just different models). I'm looking at the Kobe RA-02, which goes up to 100 CFMs and the Futuro Rainbow (940 CMF). I'll be putting a 36" over a 36" Wolf AG range, so I'd like a really good hood...

I know this is an old thread, but hoping to hear what you decided and how you feel about it! Also would love others' input, of course!

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We just ordered the CH-27 under cabinet with baffle filters. We ordered through Venting direct (they have 10% off right now) and processing was fast. Unfortunatley UPS was not and a weather delay and me being out of town means I won't have it until next week. I'll post when I get it and hopefuly installed soon.

Deciding factors for me... under cabinet since I'm not changing this. The height of the hood so it is not too low. Quiet mode, seamless design, other's reviews.

cons is probably the control panel. It sounds quirky but I'll probably get used to it. They are slowly rolling out more conventional controls. One other con is lack of a sales channel and support channel. If it ever needs support I have no idea who they will send. Thier warranty actually states if they have no authorized local distributor then the user may have to pay travel charges. This is pretty bad since there is no one in Texas and as far as I can tell, no one outside of CA. I wrote the company and got a half answer. I'm hoping there is not much that can go wrong with a fan.

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I am looking for advice, input, suggestion, feedback from ones who already installed a Futuro or Zephyr hood. I 've done my homework, searching the web on hoods, and while I am aware of many other brands, I am thinking of a Futuro/Zephyr island hood for my new kitchen. Please anyone with Futuro or Zyphyr hood pros and cons provides your feedback.
I will have a slide in 30inc gas range on my kitchen's island. My ceiling is 9.5 ft high. I have three large floor to ceiling windows in my kitchen so the hood is a focal point. I live in the Northern California.
Thanks so much

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Fleuverouge, I too am trying to decide between a Zephyr Anzio and a Futuro Raibow or Moon Inox. I'm curious what did you end up going with, and how do you like it?

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Timobkg - FWIW, I bought a Futuro hood after finding them on Houzz. People seem to like them - there's a lot of photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz ideabook - futuro hoods

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