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abreezeAugust 16, 2012

This past winter I successfully uninstalled Avast free and installed MSE on my sister's Toshiba laptop which runs XP with sp3. She lives out of state, and I check her pc when I visit. (Her pc is used very infrequently - only when her daughters visit twice a year. I use my own when I'm here, but I check updates, do scans, etc for her.)

She had a lot of MSE updates to install. I believe it said that the updates were in a package. I was shocked to see it begin the install by saying "installing 1 of 105 updates." I've never experienced anything like that on my XP, Vista or 7 machines. After about halfway through the install, I went to bed.

When I got up, the pc said a restart was necessary to complete the install. After the restart, I found a message saying that MSE is turned off. The security symbol is red with a white x. When I try to open MSE, it just gives me the Windows Security Center. Doing a right click doesnâÂÂt give me any workable options, either. I've been googling for well over an hour and see that there may be a conflict of some kind. There are no other antivirus programs installed.

MSE is not listed in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. I was hoping to uninstall and reinstall it...

I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you.


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I don't know what's going on but it's listed under add/remove programs in my win 7 computer. Also under programs I can remove in ccleaner and in revo uninstaller.

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So try doing a dirty install - installing over the existing program and see what happens.

As regards your working on this computer you might try using Teamviewer, it is free and works great. Personally I use Teamviewer along with Skype to communicate with another computer, this way I can tell the owner what I might be doing so they are aware of my moves.

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Below is microsoft how to uninstall for one version,, there are others pages/solutions for other versions too.

Here on win7.. C:\Program Files MsMpEng.exe ... right click and properties will have the version number. XP maybe named different.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microsoft Fit-it, manually uninstall MSE 2.0

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I was really planning on going to bed, but Owbist's uncovering of my not really "lost post" prodded me into action! :)

I just powered up my XP machine and discovered that MSE was no longer turned off! It downloaded the latest updates and I'm thrilled to see it working again.

Bob, I never entertained the thought of removing MSE from this pc since I use it sparingly. When I checked the Add/Remove Programs on my desktop, it is there.

Thanks, Owbist, for your suggestion to use Teamviewer. That would be perfect, but my sister is not able to use the computer.

Mikie, I'll check for the version of MSE when I return to my sister's. If it's still turned off and refuses to update, I will do the manual uninstall and reinstall it.

I greatly appreciate your helpful responses. :)

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Abreeze you might consider downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk and burn to a CD as an .iso

You would need to possibly reset the start order so the DVD is the first choice, insert the CD and start the computer. You will be required to click to accept then before scanning be sure to allow it to go online for the latest definitions updates then run the scan. This will ensure the computer is clean to eliminate bad guys as the reason you are unable to get MSE working.

Doing this you will go with another useful tool at least. Obviously sis does not live just round the corner.

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Interesting. Never heard or read of the technique being called "dirty". My first thought when I read your post was something negative. All I have ever known it as is "overwrite". The identifier name is self-explanatory.


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Ha ha, sorry DA, I guess I don't speak English proper like wot uvvers do. I do try but still find myself talking and writing bass ackwards.

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Dirty install = not a clean install, to re-install programs or systems without first removing the prior installation of the same thing. That's a proper term as far as I know.

Overwrite is used more with files or data, looking at a smaller scale. A dirty install causes overrites, but an overwrite isn't usually an installation of anything, it's just a file change.

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I have since Googled "dirty install" and see where it is used. Just never where I visit or with those I speak with.

Never heard or read of overwrite being nothing more than, in my words, over-layering i.e. a reinstall of a current application with the purpose of resolving existing concern(s) from unknown causes.

"Overrites" must be a narrow jargon as Google doesn't even recognize it.

Regardless not a biggie in the whole scheme of life.


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