iPod synching with Win8

cornsnake_loverAugust 13, 2013

I just added some songs to my desktop folder and tried to drag them into iTunes. The iTunes look is totally different from the last time I used it, and the songs wouldn't drag into the lineup.

Also, when trying to sort the songs by name or artist or anything else I can't. I click on the top above the list and nothing happens, it is locked into the length of the song. How do I change this?

Thanks for the help!

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I use ITunes and there is an icon "view" in the upper right hand corner with grid, list and artist. I use list, I don't want all of the other junk on the page. I can open ITunes then click on a certain play list, then click and drag from it to another folder. You might try copy and paste.

I do not know anything about sync. I do load my ipod though it.

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Emma, how do you get your music from iTunes to your iPod? The only way I know is to hit "sync". I thought that was the only way.

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