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qbryantAugust 18, 2013

I really like the plan but want some opinions on it,ca we shrink it up a little,could the dining be eliminated and the living,pantry,and kitchen be moved down,any others areas of concern?

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What's the space to the right of the living room?

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Open porch with a screened porch to the right of that.

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Hmm it looks like your play room is above dining so you can't eliminate any square footage. I think I've seen this plan before. I wish there was a way to make one large eating area if you are thinking of eliminating the formal dining. It's def closed off to the other areas that are all open.

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Was thinking of putting the guest bath were the tech room is and moving the kitchen and pantry to were the the dining room is and putting the living room were the kitchen/living room is,I could chop off the back of the living room maybe 8-10 ft?
I just don't how important a formal dining room is,I need the 3 bedrooms upstairs for 3 kids but could stay with just one bathroom upstairs.
Also I need to decide if I should go with a crawl space or a slab,it will be in Oklahoma.

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For ours we removed our formal dining room and added the square footage to our breakfast area making one large eating area. It's really a personal preference. We didn't see the need to heat and cool a space that we'd only use for holidays.

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This is 2820 sf,I would like to get it down to 2500 if possible?

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Eliminate the dining room and butler's pantry (and the play room and bath above). Relocate the powder room to the family entrance location??? (I don't see a garage here??)

Then widen the whole back of the house and put that space into the breakfast area. It will be a nice focal point from the front entry, and if you give it enough room, a table can turn crosswise and flex up with the addition of leaves.

You may also want to shift the master area (and the bedrooms above) back from protruding so much towards the front of the house. (Or, correspondingly, just move the kitchen and family room forward.)

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I have to keep the 3rd bedroom as we have three kids but they can share one bath upstairs.

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