mike2580August 28, 2013

When I change from one page/window to another I lose the previous page. Before I could change and go back to the previous page by clicking on tab at the bottom. Now I have to log on from the beginning

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No idea what program you are using but most browsers have a back arrow in the top left corner for that purpose.

I find it much easier to right click on a link then click 'Open in new tab' in the pop up menu. That way I can continue reading my article and then read the link afterwards. Very handy if you want 4 or 5 tabs open

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Ok, I use IE,
Lets say I log on to Wall Street Journal, then move to NY Post, Then Washington Post, Up to now the tabs for the 3 newspapers would remain in taskbar at the bottom and I could switch from one to the other without logging on again. For some reason now I lose the previous ones and have to log on again. i

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