sassydAugust 20, 2011

Can someone please be kind enough to help me.... with a hacker situation? Seriously, I know this happens all the time on FB but this is personal and its got to stop and I don't know how.

I realize she can delete the account but thats not the point. Its more than personal now. If you're interested in helping please email me at I can't thank you enough if you can help. We have every reason to believe its a family member, just don't know how to be sure. (Yeah, I know...its disgusting) Please help, I know you guys know, just tell me what info you need.....

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Well thats just great, hacked everywhere............screw it. I don't even care anymore, have fun.

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azinoh took only 1 hour 13 minutes to go from "please help" to "I don't even care anymore". Makes me glad that I've never gone anywhere near FB. If it's really this bad, I'd normally suggest to reinstall Windows and run it from a user account, not as administrator. On the other hand, there's always Linux.

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I cannot help with anything Facebook but I would like to suggest you never add your full email address to an open forum. You never know who may be lurking and you leave yourself open to possible abuse. You obviously used an address when you registered here and other member should know how to contact you there to maintain your anonymity.

Also, anyone offering help here on the forum gives lurkers an opportunity to learn things too.

You could tell us the names of the safety programs you use, when they were last updated and when you last ran a full scan with each of them.

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When someone has access to your Facebook account and think your computer hacked ... go to neighbor or friends and open a new email account, change your facebook email & password. Go home scan your computer with SuperAntiSpyware & anything else you like.. change your router security, make sure remote access is off... especially wifi security.

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