Quick Advice on KA or Electrolux Wine Chiller Please

EstimatedEyesSeptember 1, 2012

Pacific Sales has some good sales going on this weekend on the KitchenAid KUWS24 (Arch. II series) dual zone wine refrigerator as well as an Electrolux EI24WC65GS (single zone). The KA is $1700 (reg $2100+) after discount and the Electro is $1400 (reg $1700+). Reviews on both are sparse on line. Thinking of pulling the trigger. Sale ends this weekend. Any advice or experiences with either the KitchenAid or the Electrolux would be appreciated. Thanks!

(We had been planning to go with a Perlick or Marvel (both in the $2200 range) but the prices on these seem pretty good and we can put the savings to use elsewhere in the project. Plus we can use the fridge in the rental we just moved into for the duration of the remodel.)

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I have had the Electrolux for six years now, no problem with it and we've been satisfied with it.

That being said, there is a poster here in GW that knows how to get good prices on Perlick "Factory seconds or dents", I believe.
That would be worth looking into if you can find the Perlick models that have the variable speed compressor, which would be quieter and more efficient and probably better temp control than the Elux, although as I've said, I really have no complaints.

Should the Perlick models with the conventional on/off compressor be the only ones available, then, for me it would just be a choice of "Aesthetics", (which one appeals to you more, or has the features you like)? Without the VSC, it's really a "Three Horse Race" as far as "My take on it".
(Electrolux, Kitchenaid and Perlick).

To see the info that was posted by the poster I mentioned, just do a search at the bottom of the main appliance page for Perlick.

Good luck wih your upcoming choice.


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Thanks dodge .. the Elux has the best price, but bottle space appears to be a little more cramped than in the others, particularly when stacking Cabs and Chards in there. How many bottles does it comfortably fit? And how quiet do you find it to be?

(I have been watching the factory seconds listings on Perlick for the past 4 or 5 months without luck ... I am also planning to (one day) put a larger eurocave or lecache wine cabinet down in the basement, so the kitchen cooler will (eventually) be used mostly for short term storage of more everyday wines

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The Elux fits 30 "comfortably", we have
Magnums at the bottom of it.

It is pretty quiet, but I can hear it if I listen for it and in fact I use the fact that I can hear it to know when it's time to clean the cat fuzz out of the filter---(it runs more often) but I still have to listen for it, however I am 70 years old and it would probably appear louder to a younger person, but any little noise, running faucet, a whisper, a cat meow completely drowns out any sound it makes!

Best thing would be to takes a few of your wine bottles and see how you like the "fit". 30 bottles is more than nuff for me, and in fact my gout has "Kicked up" so I may have to "Lay Low" on the "Reds" for a bit!


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I have the Kitchen Aide which works well. I can not fit the wider bottles in the provided spaces, but the two temperatures work well. It is quiet and with 4 cats, never had a cat fuzz problem.

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Took a few bottles down to the store and there was plenty of clearance in the kitchen aid but the Electrolux was a little tight, so we got the KA at a nice discount. Thanks all for your help!

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