Is it possible to use round downspouts with k-style gutters?

threeapplesAugust 17, 2012

We need k style gutters because of the leaf guard we are using, but I hate the look of crimped downspouts. Is there an item we can use to connect the round to the square so we can have the best of both worlds?

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I googled it and this house has both. Can't tell if there is an adapter or not - might be a question for the gutter supplier.

I am with you. Not a fan at all of the crimped gutters. At least the K gutters sort of look like crown moulding. . . the crimped gutters are not my fave ;)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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athensmom, you're awesome. i'll see what my builder comes back with and post back.

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The round spout that will fit the flat bottom of the K-style gutter doesn't have the same capacity to handle water that the rectangular spout could. 3" round is less area than 3x4 rectanglular. Same for 4" round vs. 4x6.

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Round downspouts/leaders are most commonly used with half-round gutters but the "drop outlets" that are cut into an aluminum K gutter are made in square, oval and round.

The reason rectangular shapes are so commonly used for gutters and downspouts is that they carry more volume for the sizes typically used. Make sure the gutter has been properly sized for the roof area and your climate and that the smaller round downspouts will not slow water flow in the gutters.

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We have copper gutters on the front and sides of our home, but K-style on the back due to water load from roof -- two gutter companies and our GC said we would regret half-round gutters on the back because it wouldn't carry the needed volume. We used round downspouts all around.

fwiw, the copper turned quickly and I do love them. Thought I would hate the back, but no one but us and whoever is fishing on the lake can see so...

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I learned today that the crimped downspouts are crimped because they help water flow and also help stabilize the downspout so it doesn't deform or crush as easily.

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