Crown moulding in small bathrooms? Yes or no?

pussuskattusOctober 3, 2010

All -

My builder and I walked through my house about a week before the trim carpenter got started, and we agreed that the crown moulding should be a cove moulding and a cradle - making it a two-piece moulding and about 4-5" tall total. It is all paint-grade poplar.

Well, I never thought they would put crown moulding in the little upstairs bathrooms! I assumed we were talking about the living room, bedrooms, dining room, etc, you know, the big rooms.

So I walk in there yesterday and see that the hard-working carpenters have put the two-piece crown moulding in every room in which they can stand upright (except the small closets and the laundry room). Not only that, but they wrapped the crown around into the showers!

My DH wants me to leave it, because I would be tearing out a lot of work, but it looks weird to me, especially since I have never had crown moulding in the bathrooms.

What do you all think? I am fine with crown in the master bath - that is a huge room with a high ceiling. But I have a hard time with big crown moulding in a room that is 5 feet by eight feet.

Votes? Comments? Thanks......

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My house is about 50 years old, and crown is not only in the main areas -- its in the smaller baths.

Give it time, you'll find it a beautiful architectural detail!

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If it fits with the style of the room and with the flow of the house, leave it. If it drives you nuts, then it's your call.

I have a simple crown in my kid's bathroom, even inside the 4-wall tub surround enclosure. Nothing fancy. Tile on the walls to the ceiling, a wood ceiling, and simple wood crown. No issues.

In our master bath I have crown, but the walk-in shower is tiled on all six sides of the cube. No crown in the shower.

If it makes you feel any better, I have a run of seven-piece built-up crown in a public powder room on the first floor of the house, the powder room is less than 3' wide and about 7' long.

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Wow, I would be pleasantly surprised to see that, not disappointed. I think that shows an excellent builder who has the wherewithal to give that type of attention to a small room. I have crown in two of my bathrooms (master bath not yet) and the smallest being 5x8 and we deliberately added it years after it was built.

I think after it's all done you will see how moulding adds to the finished look of any room.

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I have crown mouldings in my baths, which are small, and I think it looks great.

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Hey, y'all, thanks for the input. I'll stop driving myself crazy and let it stay there and give it a chance.

Thanks for all your advice.

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Here is my 5 x 8 bath ceiling. The crown molding is Timbron, a product made from recycled styrofoam. I like having the crown molding in the small bathroom.

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hey pussuskatus,
I think it is probably lovely, but can you post some photos to help us understand what you see...

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Yes! Crown mouldings are beautiful! I am creating a bathroom from a closet (32 sq.ft.), and the mouldings are making it look better. I have pics on small bathrooms with mouldings, as well.
Look at my blog: Happy Renovations

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I insisted the gc put crown in my small bath.

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Here's a bit of crown that trims out a small sink alcove in a small powder room. There's another run of similar above this running around the room. Small powder room, about 3' by 7'.

This section of crown in the photo is sort of split into an upper portion and a lower portion. The upper part is regular crown, the lower part is a picture rail.

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My half bath 5x5' has crown mouldings pretty.

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