Another year speeding past me

bunnymanSeptember 22, 2012

Can't sleep so I'm doing the Internet thingy this morning. Good thing I don't have to work this weekend. Very little time on the Cooking forum anymore. A few of you made it on my fb list so I've not forgotten how fun this forum can be. Ads here are horrible anymore...

Work has not fired me yet. HR is trying to push me off the Safety Comm so I've gone to e-mail with safety issues. Still dealing with constant problems with things... managers seem to have adopted a don't care unless someone complains attitude. Found an industrial lab that will do chemical tests for me and one of the chemical salesmen has become a strong supporter of my efforts to keep worker exposure reasonable. Sometimes still find myself sitting in the yard with a glass of whiskey... watching the stars and thinking about what to do next.

Home is sort of animal kingdom anymore. Dolly dog was lonesome so I got her a puppy... lab/mix. Maddie named after Madeline Albright is a gentle giant of a dog now. Dolly and Maddie are now very much bonded. I can't have them both loose in the house together because they play so hard I'm afraid they will break things. One of my cats named Favorite has a thing for Maddie and likes to chase after her in an odd couple sort of way.

Down to seven cats now.. Annie, Jessy, Chrissy, Star Trek, Favorite, Yoko, Luna Looski, and Leelee. Leelee is an old cat whose owner moved to a place where she can't have animals. When I went to pick up Leelee I forgot the cat carrier so inside my coat she went for the ride. Leelee bonded with me on the ride home and has fully accepted me as her new human. More then once I've woke in the morning to not only find her sleeping next to me but with her head on my pillow.

Fall here in Michigan. No apples on my trees as a spring frost got them all. Not much of a garden this year. Cold and rainy this morning... need one more decent day to mow the lawn for the last time this year. Sounds like someone down the road poached a deer at dawn. A very large deer herd this year so no harm done I just hope they plan on eating it. Normally I get my venison from road killed deer but very few are left.... bad economy has more people looking at them as fresh meat rather then vulture food. Oooh I hear geese at the moment... tempted to take one but not certain I want the work of plucking the darn thing. I can hunt them from my front yard as they fly very low over my property. Shoulder problems so probably best if I don't go shooting a shotgun anyways.... can't say I'm in the mood to drive into town to buy a license.

Plan on making my second batch of Annie's Habanera gold today. First batch this year was made with Caribbean Red habs and was/is very hot. It was perfect heat wise when I first made it and sort of gained heat as it aged... down to half of the last jar. Loving it on pizza and pork chops... even dropped a spoon full into a bowl of yogurt. Been waiting for my favorite orange Burpee habeneras to ripen and finally have 4 nice ripe ones to pick. Tempted to try cayenne peppers as I have a huge bumper crop of those. A steak in the fridge from last weekend that needs to go on the grill today... big sweet yellow potato to go with it.

Hope all is well with folks here.

: )


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Michael it is so nice to hear from you even as bitter sweet as it is. I'm glad to hear that the furbabies are taking care of you and vice-versa.

Enjoy your canning day today.


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Good to hear from you Lyra. I love hearing about your critters. Dh thinks we can't have a dog because we have 7 cats. Little does he know!


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Michael/Lyra, I'm glad to hear from you since I don't do the FB thing at all, it's too frustrating.

I noticed you saw my own Maddie canning kale with me, in the company of my imaginary daughter, Ashley. She says to tell you hello, LOL.

7 cats and two dogs, you have your own animal rescue going there! Isn't it fun, though?

I know people cringe, but most people I know who hit a deer will eat the salvageable parts, no sense in letting the whole darned thing go to waste. My co-workers used to joke that my weapon of choice for hunting deer was a Buick. (grin)

We do have a big deer herd this winter, so I'm looking forward to venison when my nephew goes hunting. He'll always swap me fresh venison for homegrown beef as his wife "doesn't like" venison. she doesn't really "like" my homegrown beef either, though, she only likes commercial beef. (shrug)

don't pass up the goose, one of Elery's friends hunts geese and shot three on the farm last year. The breast meat, when marinated and grilled medium rare was very, very good, although a bit tough. Cook it rare and slice it thinly!

Hugs to you.


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So good to hear from you! Sorry things at work are still "difficult". Seems that way for lots of folks these days.

Have a great day canning, Hab Gold is one of my favorites, both to eat and to make!


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Sorry you're not sleeping well, M/L, but I'm glad you used the time to catch up with us. Sounds like you have quite the menagerie. Well, bless you but that would make me crazy, although I know pets can be a great comfort.

The thought of eating road kill gives me a queasy stomach, but what's the difference if you know it is fresh. We have deer all over the place here and we are 12 miles from Philadelphia's City Hall. My mom allows a bow hunting club to hunt on her property. Other than cars and hunters, they have no enemies and the herds are out of control.

I must have passed 10 dead raccoon by the side of the road this morning. I always look away. Ick.

I am glad you good heart has prevailed through not-so-great times. Keep on keepin' on.

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Hi, Michael...I read you on Facebook, but glad to see you back on the CF.....
Now if only we could get you and Nancy of the North posting dueling roadkill recipes again....
Be well..
Linda C

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Hi Michael, I'm glad Dolly has a friend, a Lab mix is the absolute best.... I love cats also but not the hair, I had two long hairs for 20 years, I swear I still find cat hair and it's been 20 yrs since they passed on....

I'll try to stop by and see Nancy of the North. Maybe she has some new road kill recipes. She has really got to stretch out any finds...there are her 14 kids and 7 grand kids living with her. A couple of the boys are working regular jobs and spend free time hunting and fishing. But with 22 trying to survive it's tough.
The day I saw her, a skunk had just sprayed one of the Gran kids that thought it was a kitty.... he learned fast!


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Nancy, I do hope that child at least caught the skunk. I probably wouldn't make it into a pot pie, but I'd use the carcass to "bait" something better! (grin)


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Sorry there isnt more sunshine in your world, but hope you are soaking in the fall colors of Michigan, and all the love your furry friends have to offer

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