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Tr8aceeSeptember 25, 2012

I try to avoid using the microwave as much as possible. We mainly use it to just reheat food, and don't cook nor thaw food in it. Our KD was telling us that we should look into getting a Miele steam oven. Would the steam oven do the job of replacing the microwave?

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You could also get a speed oven.
Miele, Electrolux and GE makes them.

Those of us that have them we really like them.
In addition to being a microwave, they also serve well as a 2nd smaller oven, they can bake, convection bake, and of course "Speed cook"---(Microwave and convection bake) at the same time.---This will give you a baked potatoe in about 1/4th the time (Including preheating)--IE 15 minutes instead of an hour and they come out just as well as they would have, if done in a regular oven.

Some things like poultry and fish, also fries, just reheat better using speed cooking than any other method I've found--IE heating in oven, microwaving, etc etc.


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Speed ovens are great at cooking faster. They can use microwaves and regular heat (bake, broil, etc.) in combination or separately. Their increased flexibility for cooking a variety of different foods. Also, because speed ovens are smaller, they preheat quickly and so may be used more frequently (than a regular size oven).

But, for re-heating (at least some) foods, a steam oven may be preferable. This merits looking into, and will depend on what you mostly want to use your oven for.

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I think the point of OP is that she does not want to cook or reheat useing microwaves.

Steam ovens do a great job of reheating food without drying it and can in fact rehydrate food that is kind of dry.

That is great. But it will not give you the speed of a microwave. Both Miele and Wolf have holding tanks for water that must be refilled. Gaggenau steam oven is plumbed and you don't need to refill. Miele as of now does not have convection. Gaggenau and Wolf do have convection. Gaggenau also gives you greatest control on how much steam to use.

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Thank you all for your advice. I'm a little confused, are steam ovens then same as speed ovens?

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Speed ovens use microwaves and a conventional oven heating element. GE Advantium also uses powerful halogen lights to brown. You can also just use microwave function and it works just like a regular microwave. Some allow you to use as a regular oven.

Steam ovens are just that. They use the heat of steam.

Then there are combi ovens like the Wolf and Gagg. Miele has one in Europe but not here. Combi ovens can be used as a steam oven or as a regular convection oven

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Steam ovens are likely slower than a speed oven that uses microwaves. More importantly, steam ovens cook using steam, so they're useful for different sorts of foods (and perhaps esp. good for re-heating stuff). If you're able to see and use both of these at a good appliance store, that will help a great deal.

You may want both a speed oven and a steam oven, if you have a large kitchen. More likely, you'll choose one or the other as a second oven, just for reasons of available space.

It might help us if you can say just what sort of stuff you're planning to cook and/or reheat in this new oven...

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Also, if you have concerns about the safety of microwave ovens, they are unnecessary.

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A counter-top toaster oven will reheat food nicely, cost a fraction of a steam oven, and probably reheat food at the same speed. It will also toast bread.

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TO is a good option but it is not as fast as a MW though. I do use my toaster oven to re-heat, especially when I want the food to stay "crispy" (so to speak) but it wouldn't reheat it in 2 minutes.

That is why I am going to keep an inexpensive MW for "rush times" but use it minimally.

Induction plate is another option. It is incredibly fast but you'd need to stir the food once or twice and then wash the cookware (not a big deal IMO).

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I really wanted to get a second oven but because my kitchen is so small a double built in oven wasn't possible, so I just went and ordered a Wolf 30" AG range. The second oven would of been nice for family functions where I can have a roast and turkey cooking at the same time and I like to bake.

The design was for the microwave to be placed in the peninsula but my KD brought up the idea of getting a steam oven. She mentioned the Miele steam oven but with a price tag of $2500+ it was out of budget. I don't like using the microwave if I don't have to but it is a convenient appliance for the speed of it. I'm liking the steam oven idea as it would be nice to steam our food versus drying it out in the microwave.

Are any of you familiar with the Sharp SuperSteam Multi-Purpose oven? It sounds like it has lots of potential. The people at Pacific sales was raving about it but it's not very attractive looking. I'm just worried the appliance will break down and there goes $1000.

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