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sugar_flAugust 28, 2012

I just updated to Thunderbird 14.0. Now all my pictures are broken. I don't like updating programs as it almost always means more problems than I had before.

Any ideas how to get pictures working?



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DA_Mccoy are broken.....? Need a little more information. Or a bottle of glue.

My v14.0 is just fine.

v15.0 is soon to be released.


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The only difference I see with v14.0 is that I am not asked if I am sure I want to delete the Junk.


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Sans the use of glue, you could try the newest version of TB, v15.0, which was released the last day or so.


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I just updated Thunderbird to 15.0 cause I didn't have a send button.. I know I had one.. well I still don't with 15.0 & my pictures are still broken. My son wants me to get opera mail (he uses Firefox browser) but I didn't want it.. maybe now I do. I rebooted too as that usually helps solve a lot of problems. Am I missing it or is there a way to get it. I checked options & don't see anything. BTW I sent my letter using the send under file.

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I got the SEND button back. I'm not even sure what I did as I was messing around & must have clicked on the right thing..a whole toolbar popped on. I figured it was already messed up.
Well one more problem salved.

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