no sound when trying to play a short video on line

loraleeAugust 11, 2013

I am using Windows XP. and firefox 22 as my browser

I have been having issues with the Real Player video download since June. Real Player told me that You tube changed something so that videos that I download now say MP4 when they really are not so Real player will not play them. They were to be working on a fix but so far have not fixed it for windows XP and do have something fixed for windows 7.

I have tried numerous things, that was suggested to do to make this real player work. At this point I don't even remember what they are now. Just know the sound does not work for videos from you tube when I am on the internet.
I can watch news clips and other videos with sound just not for you tube.

Seems weird any suggestions as to why I would not have sound for you tube videos?

I have messed something up because I have sound when playing videos that I have previously recorded. But no sound now when viewing a video that is on the internet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I will be getting a new computer and will buy Windows 7 later this year. Maybe sooner rather than later.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I know nothing about "Real Player video download" but suspect you're having the problem described here? Or at least as mentioned by some of the commenters?

Other than waiting for Real to fix it, I don't know what you can do about that. Personally, the only online videos I ever download are Youtubes, and I use a different downloader for that, not "Real".

However, unless I'm misunderstanding, your "no-audio" problem doesn't involve Real, or any downloader, it's "online", and goes like this?

(1) You play a "news video" in Firefox, video works, sound also works.
(2) You play a video on "", video works, sound does not.

Or am I totally missing what you're doing?

Even if not, I'm no expert, so this is just a "what I'd check if it were me".

Have you checked to make sure it's not something really simple like just having the Youtube player "muted"?

Sorry if that seems too obvious but I often overlook obvious things. :)

If that's not it... hopefully someone more experienced can help you.

BTW, although it's almost certainly not related to the problem you describe, you should probably update Firefox. I believe doing "Help ---> About Firefox" will trigger a check for a newer version.

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It was off I also had to struggle with trying to get the mute off. Finally after a number of minutes the x and mute went away and I was able to listen and watch Neil Young sing and play.

When I saw the x last night I thought it was perhaps off , but then also I was not able to get the x to go away.

If I may ask, what other downloader do you use?
Real wrote me and said they will have a newer version and fix for the you tube issue around the middle of August.

Thank you.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I use this Firefox add-on:

That's just the one I stumbled on and suits my limited needs, so I stick with it, there may be better for all I know.

The reason I wasn't quick to mention it is that, if I remember correctly, it tried to tempt/trick me into upgrading to an "ad-supported" version when I first installed it, and maybe even every time it updates. I don't really remember, but I got the feeling it was baiting me into installing something I didn't want, and I didn't really like that.

The regular version works great for what I use it for though. I can download the video as an "flv" or "mp4" in any bitrate it's available as. As for the higher bitrate audio that they want me to upgrade to receive, I don't need that anyway. I can always strip the audio out of the video if I need it. :)

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What's the advantage of using a downloader, instead of just connecting to the You Tube site directly?

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Thanks for this information. I may switch later if they do not get Real working properly.

I know a person has got to be so very careful when downloading things. They now all seem to try to trick you, so a person needs to be sure they know which one of the downloads to click on and read every box carefully so things are not added that I don't want on my computer.
Have a great rest of the day.

I do connect to you tube to watch the video.

The reason I used a downloader was to save the amount of times that I would need to watch a video on the web.

I have limited amount of download and upload monthly and videos use a lot of my GB allotment.

Most of what I download may have to do with tutorials and there fore need to watch them over and over. When I download the video I can save it to watch it later.

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I download instructional videos to my hard drive to view @ my leisure. Or my server goes down just as I'm wanting to watch a cooking or crochet tutorial....sometimes videos are taken down for any number of reason.

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Jean, I understand this used to happen all the time to me. Now we have sattlelight connection.

What software do you use to download them?

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Lori, I use the one chuggerguy posted for Firefox.

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Thanks jean for letting me know this.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I had used that add-on I posted above for quite some time. It suddenly vanished though, cancelled.

I quickly replaced it with this one:

So far all seems well.

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Thank you for the update on this.

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