What do you think of 24" AGA range?

eleenaSeptember 21, 2012

Seems like a great buy but the burners are less powerful than on many other gas cooktops or ranges. The most powerful is only 12K BTU.

Would these ovens be too small?

Here is a link that might be useful: AGA range

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Can be a great range in the right circumstances. What are yours that you are considering it?

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I actually started considering AGA after taking yet another look at your kitchen. :-)


Family of three, I bake a lot but in small quantities, so it does not make any sense to heat a large oven. In fact, after the old oven died, I have been using a large convection oven ONLY for ~5 years - due to delay in kitchen remodel.

When I make larger batches to freeze, I'd rather use multiple ovens. Also, I bake a lot less in summer b/c it is very hot here and the summer is five months long (six months this year :-( ).

I don't now and do not intend to ever bake a large turkey for Thanksgiving. If one day I change my mind, I'll get an outdoor infrared broiler. :-)

I have one of those large small kitchens with a very inefficient layout and actual wall space is at premium.

My current cooking area is only 58" and surrounded by brick walls which I intend to keep. I really want to have ~18" landing area on at least one side.

I do not wok but would like to try. But that is not the most important consideration as I can always do it on the patio grill (though I wouldn't want to do it summer).

Aside from baking and boiling, I mostly saute, braise, and pan-grill. I do not deep-fry.

I have decide to have a raised DW and there is only one spot where it can go which makes it harder to place wall-ovens on the adjacent wall as the wall is not long enough.

I like the way AGA looks.

Budget: two 12" cooktops + two 24" wall ovens cost a LOT more than one 24" AGA.

That is all, I think.

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Well, Eleena, it sounds to me like you've already answered your own question and that an Aga Companion it is! :-) From what I've been able to gather, this little Aga has a generally good rep. For me, the only hesitation would be working with a rangetop of just 24". (This model got it's "Companion" name because it's most often paired with the much larger traditional Aga cooker. However, given your space constraints, a four burner, 2 oven range of this size-- going alone-- might very well do the trick! And, if it saves you money and looks good in the process, why not? BTW, I think you can get away just fine with a 12k burner. Since the beginning of time, good cooks have been able to turn out spectacular meals with even less power than that at the controls.

Good luck whatever you do!

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It would be nice if you could talk with someone who has actually had one of these as a primary cookstove. I've been lusting after a Pistachio version for an auxiliary kitchen, but I am still trying to find out more about a) ventilation requirements, and b) real life experience. Good luck. Oh, and here is a link to two designers' house with a red version.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red one

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Thank you for your input!

The only thing that is sort of stopping me is that I really wanted an induction cooktop, that is why I was going to have one 12" gas unit and one 12" induction unit. Gas is a must due to (frequent enough) power outages (an outdoor grill is not a solution b/c I wouldn't want to be outside during a storm).

I really love the looks of AGA though.

Is the quality consistent?

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I'm sorry, Eleena, I don't have any experience with the Aga Companion. My experience is with the Aga 6-4, which is something of an upgraded derivative of the Companion. The only issues I've had with the 6-4 were related to electrical controls, very early on. Once the harness was replaced,I've not had a service issue now for over 3 years. I would think the Companion is even less prone to trouble because it's a more basic machine with fewer bells and whistles than the 6-4. Plus, as I said earlier, I've never really seen negative reviews about it. Still, I agree with Kitchendetective that it would be best for you to find an actual user of this model. What about your prospective vendor? Can they refer you to anyone? Perhaps Trevor at Eurostoves might be able to refer you to some Companion owners?

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What is stopping you from doing an induction and a gas.. There are a lot of 12 and 15in inductions including from Miele, Gagg and Wolf. There are also nice single gas woktops.

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Marthavila and everyone else,

What do you thin would be CONS of getting that oven?

When I listed my "considerations", I listed only the PROs (on purpose) but there are some CONs, of course, and the main one is re-sale.

The chances are that we are staying in this house for 15 more years but there is also a chance that we'd move in a year or two. I cannot sell the house without remodeling the kitchen as it has totally fallen apart. But I don't want to put some cheap 'crap' in there as we are more likely to end up staying than moving. I know I should probably wait till it's clear but I can't b/c then there won't be enough time for remodeling plus I cannot cook in this kitchen anymore, it drives me crazy.

Unfortunately, what I like/want is not what is "mainstream" here. So I am trying to design a kitchen that I like but can easily "reverse" for sale. For example, I have 30" fridge but I can bet money that potential buyers would want 36" wide space, so I am putting a 6" pull-out next to the fridge.

Other cons:

With a 24" 4-burner cooktop, I will be only able to use 2 or 3 burners. I have a 30" one with side controls (i.e., only 24" effective cooking space) and if I am using two skillets, I cannot fit anything else there except for a very small saucepan (which rarely happens).

I think the ovens might be too small? With two ovens in such a small space, they are almost like toaster ovens, no?


Yes, I had been planning on doing a 12" Miele gas wok unit and a 12" Fagor 2-burner induction (tried Wolf and did not like it) with two wall ovens but then I decided to move the DW to a different location to have it raised, which now interferes with the (planned) ovens. Plus, I really like the looks of AGA. :-)

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Wow, folks are complaining about AGA service.

Could this be true???

Here is a link that might be useful: AGA reviews

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If resale is a consideration, I would rethink the 24" range unless you plan a 30in oven or at least a 27in oven elsewhere. Yes, the Aga is pretty :)

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I have a 24 inch Bluestar gas range, and the oven size is very good- that is, quite large. The other 24" range I've seen with a large oven is the American "Heritage".

I know I looked at the Aga, and many others, like Delonghi (Fisher Paykel) Viking etc. But I thought the Bluestar and the American Range seemed to have the most room. They can also be had in various colors. (Bluestar has more choices)

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Okay. You asked for cons. Here are mine:

1. IMO, for a family of 3, a 24" rangetop is very small . I think you need to ask yourself whether the gain in countertop area is actually worth it. As you've already noted, you have problems now in navigating your 30" rangetop which, because of side-mounted controls, is effectively 24" in width. That problem won't improve with the Companion. Another question would be whether you've considered 30" ranges with front-mounted controls?

2. Yes, the Aga's ovens are Euro-small. Depending on your baking/roasting needs, this could be a problem. Maximum size bird you can fit in the Companion's one roasting oven would be a 16 pounder. Baking a lot of cookies? You're looking at lots of rounds of small baking sheets. Something to consider.

3. The Aga's ovens have no glass in their doors, no lights, and no internal thermometer. If you need to check on your foodstuffs while they're baking, you chance temp drops each time you open the door to do so.

That said, I do understand your willingness to live with no increase in range area if installation of the 24" Companion will allow you to have more countertop area. If I were dealing with the kind of space issues your struggling with, I think the latter change would be a big plus in my book.

Onto the ovens. Personally, I've experienced no problems whatsoever with the size of the Aga ovens. In fact, how they look in size is rather deceptive. In practice, I've been able to shove all manner of roasts, casseroles, etc. into those cavities without fretting. However, keep in mind that I'm a single empty nester with 4 Aga-size ovens! (Also, I'm not much of a baker). So while, generally, I hardly ever need to use more than 2 ovens at a time, I do have the option of using all four when cooking for a crowd. The Companion alone will not give you that option. Something to consider. And, while I don't like opening the oven doors to check on the progress of my food, I haven't yet found that action one to negatively impact my cooking results.

As for Aga service, I would not worry about those 2 reviews you found. First of all, user complaints are to be expected when it comes to reviews of mass-produced items -- especially consumer appliances. More importantly, in this instance, neither of those complaints on the AJ Madison site were about the Aga Companion; one was about the 6-4, the other about the Legacy. Also, keep in mind that the essence of both complaints really went to poor service response from Aga. But know this: Aga service in North America used to be handled by a team based in Canada. However, since late 2011/early 2012, all that has changed. Aga service in North America is now handled by a team based in Michigan. From what I've heard from others as well as what I've been able to pick up from my own simple phone conversations with the tech staff, there's been a marked improvement in Aga technical services since they made the move across the Canadian-US border. Again, given the generally good rep that the Aga Companion has, I would worry about service issues only if you find a heap of bad reviews about the Aga Companion that are dated from very late 2011 forward.

Finally, when it comes to looks, I hear you. My choice of the Aga 6-4 was one that was primarily based on looks. First I wanted a quality range that would meet my performance requirements, but secondly, I wanted a quality range that would best fit in with the look of my new and final kitchen. While there were several quality brands with similar cooking specs available to me at the time of purchase (arguably some even "better" and cheaper than the Aga 6-4), none of those ranges in a comparable performance class beat the 6-4 on the looks I wanted. That's why I chose it and I still don't regret having done so. All this is also why I continue to recommend Aga ranges to a certain small group of TKOs who, like you, gravitate towards a particular kitchen design that is not necessarily for the "mainstream." :-)

Again, best of luck in choosing whatever you feels works best for you and your kitchen!

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Fori is not pleased

I think it's cute, but small. I currently mostly use a 24" wall oven but am occasionally happy I have a 30" around as well. You can get away with the small ovens--after all, you'll still have your countertop oven! :)

So I think you're good on the ovens but the 24" cooktop wouldn't work for me. (The 12k BTU is quite respectable!)

If I were in your position, I would do a combo with Miele or Gaggenau of half induction, half gas. An induction cooktop is useful as a countertop (when you aren't cooking on it, obviously!).

Perhaps you can also increase your effective counterspace by having pullouts surrounding the cooking area--I mean old school breadboards. Sturdy and useful and only in the way when you need them.

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Thank you everybody!


I did consider BlueStar. In fact, I almost bought it a few months ago. O_O But I had hood problems (still not quite resolved) and was not sure I could provide sufficient ventilation for such a powerful range (still not sure), so I ruled it out.

Also, I am a total "sucker" for European designs and BS is no match to AGA in that department :-)

Marthavila, that was quite a review, thank you!

OK, I did not think about no glass/no light thing. That is quite a turn off as I am very "spoiled" by not having to open the oven.

Also, I was going to have only 3 hobs because that was how many I would be able to use anyway, so why waste space? Plus, as Fori stated, the induction cooktop would serve as an additional landing area, especially when loading/unloading the fridge that is going to move next to the cooking area from its current location.

However, I was going to have another Miele single induction hob on the counter run on the same side as the sink and across from the cooking area, to compensate. Not so sure anymore about it as I have discovered electrical limitations today. :-(

I also wanted to get two 24" Gaggenau ovens, including a steam oven. Knowing how I cook, the steam oven will probably be my primary cooking "tool". But those ovens are soooo expensive, even the floor models, and I have unexpected budget limitations. :-(

OK, I think I'll take all the advice and go back to my original plan of gas/induction combo with two ovens and have an AGA in my next house. I am pretty sure we will move again some day when DD graduates.

But if I change my mind, I'll definitely update this post. :-)

Thank you very much!

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eleena, I understand about the hood problem. That being said, I don't have one at all, and haven't missed not having one.

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Do tell more how you "get away" with having no hood, PLEASE!

This hood thing has been driving me nuts for months and (among other things) stalling the remodel.

IDK about the city code (will check) but the thing is, my parents had no hood at all and did have a gas stove, though not as powerful as BS, of course. I don't remember being bothered by the smells. The kitchen was separated from the rest of the house by a door and a short "hall", so that helped, perhaps. Plus, the window was always open a little.

My current vent is a total joke, next to having no vent at all. I don't cook late at night and I have to run the vent for a long time after cooking but that is the only inconvenience. So, I am not sure whether I should kill myself trying to get the "right" capture area and the right CFM.

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eleena, I don't want to get into the middle of a big debate, I'll just say- For most of my stovetop cooking, I don't need a vent. Grilling fatty food, like hamburgers, I generally do under the broiler to keep the smoke contained, and the broiler actually burns up the smoky grease.

Steam from the stovetop doesn't bother me. So on those occasions I'm cooking something that produces grease and smoke I do open a nearby window and have even turned on a little window fan. I live in California, the Bay Area, so the weather is always mild- not to hot or too cold.

Not having a hood and fan has not been a big deal.

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Counterpoint to not having hood. During our rebuild, we are staying in a small cottage. The kitchen is more of a kitchenette with a sink. I got a portable D/W, an older fridge and a portable *Single*induction cooktop that has a big window behind that is always open (mild bay area weather here). Our 4mo remodel is now a year old and we have been cooking 2 meals a day here. I really really miss a vent hood. However careful you are, there is always effluents which carry odors and grease particles. This smell can linger and get absorbed into carpets etc. I would anyway live without an oven even but I need a hood that is halfway decent. Unless you just boil water for a occasional tea, I would suggest to figure out a way and spend the money to get the venting done.

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Thank you, both!


I am really jealous of your weather but not your commute, LOL. One of my siblings lives near you, so I know the "intricacies". :-)


I WILL get a hood, of course. The entire battle is about how powerful it can be and how well it will work in my particular configuration. Whoever designed my cooking area, should be (mildly put) ashamed. I can understand it not being wide enough but who builds a cove around only half as deep as the cooktop and then has a duct on the side, instead of center? Urghhh...

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