Need to remove itunes completely

TerrapotsAugust 8, 2012

I need to clean up iTunes from my computer, sounds like it's corrupted. I have HP Pavilion laptop, MS Vista home I uninstalled everything from Apple, had trouble removing Quicktime, warning that removing some extensions could cause problems. Over my head. I saw previous recommendations about REVO, is this what I should use, if so, need a safe link. I need to reinstall iTunes after it's cleaned up. Thank you for your help.

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Please download and install Revo Uninstaller Free. See link below:

* Double click Revo Uninstaller to run it.

* From the list of programs double click on The Program to remove.

* When prompted if you want to uninstall click Yes.

* Be sure the Moderate option is selected then click Next.

* The program will run, If prompted again click Yes

* when the built-in uninstaller is finished click on Next.

* Once the program has searched for leftovers click Next.

* Check/tick the bolded items only on the list then click Delete

* when prompted click on Yes and then on next.

* put a check on any folders that are found and select delete

* when prompted select yes then on next

* Once done click Finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revo Uninstaller Free

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That's for the Revo Pro, 30 day trial. I clicked a few tabs but that's the only one that comes up at the site. Do I download it, use it, delete it or best to buy it? or will it disappear on its own?

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Hi terrapots

When you went to the website, there should have been a small box that popped up, in that box you select "Save File" save it to the desktop, once saved to the desktop, double click the file to run revo. Or you can just download the 30 day trial, and delete it when done.


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Sometimes when a prgram isn't behaving correctly, you can reinstall it on top of the old install (ie, without first removing it) and that will correct the problem. Sometimes, sometimes not.

Rather than expending effort on trying to remove the last vestiges of what was there, it'll take just a few easy minutes to try simply reinstalling iTunes and see if that fixes your problem.

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I would agree, jumping to revo or even using it may be over kill here.

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OK, I'll take that advice. I'll remove quicktime with all its appendages and give Itunes reinstall a try. Thank you. Will let you know how it turns out.

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Thanks all. iTunes downloaded and started right up. No problems detected so far. Looks like install was removing files before installation.

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