How would you create this vintage-look hood?

marcoloSeptember 12, 2012

I mean, obviously it's from a custom metal fabricator. However:

1) Which insert would you choose?

2) How would you paint it? Powdercoat it?

3) Do you see any lurking disasters or fatal flaws?

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If you want to paint it, try a car paint shop.

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If you haven't ruled out a regular custom hood manufacturer, you might want to look at Rangecraft. Made in Jersey. They'll match any color you want. I can attest to their excellent quality fit and finish. I'm sure MA can do the same.

In absence of those makers, powder-coating or automotive paint would do it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rangecraft

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I'm already looking into Modernaire--I just want backups in case the price comes in too high. Rangecraft is a good suggestion.

Any insert brands that would be particularly good/poor for this application if I go that route?

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External blower. Of course you would have to create your own illumination, but then you're a bright fellow ;)

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Ok.. I explored this but for a barrel shape.. You need to find a sheet metal shop willing to bend, shape and weld the piece for you. Make sure they use 16 gauge so that the the hood has some sturdiness. The part in the bottom is the hardest as you don't want sharp edges and corners. Shop for baffle filters before and size the hood around it. See ebay link below..Figure out what kind of lights you want.. Typical hoods have halogen. These seem to be mostly installed similar to can lights on the ceiling. You can also do LED cans.. I was looking to go with 2in LED cans.. Or just under counter lighting even. You need a creative electrician, who is willing to do the wiring and install the lights. My electrician was willing to do it. There is always the option of buying a hood liner and working from that. We decided to wire it to the a rheostat on the wall that would control both the roof mounted fan and the lights. Finally you need a smaller auto shop willing to powdercoat your baby(trust me by this point, you would have taken care of it like a baby with related effort for feelings and laundry). You can pick any of the RAL colors.
My process broke down here., I could not find an auto shop near me to powdercoat the hood. I really tried.. But it was not to be.. Hope you have better luck and persistence to get it done

Here is a link that might be useful: Baffle filters on eBay.

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I also wanted to share this post.. If you can get a liner with the electricals and do a roof mounted or inline fan, then a lot of shaping magic is possible with drywall, wood and plaster as well. See all the examples from boxer pups below..

Here is a link that might be useful: Customizing a hood

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