Facebook 'extras'

mimilmAugust 2, 2012


How do I get rid of extras that have been appearing on

my FB page? I have things from Coors Light, Barack Obama,

Sears, and a few more things. I don't ever remember clicking on to any of these ads. They take up a lot of my space!!!

Anyone else have the same problem???

Thank You

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Facebook is not free but some may think so. It is paid advertising similar to that you may see once in a while on TV. FB is down to about $21 ($38 at the beginning) on the market and FB is trying to get some revenue. Zuckerberg's fortune is in jeopardy.

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I don't have any ads. Firefox with Adblock Plus installed.

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Move your mouse out to the right of the ads in your Wall or whatever its called .. and magically an x or drop down box appears.
There you can hide them or mark them to go away forever.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Even when I disable ad-blocking I only occasionally get a couple small ads in the right column.

If you're seeing more than that, have you installed any ad-ons to style/enhance Facebook? Some of those add their own ads.
Maybe this will help: https://www.facebook.com/help/adware

If I found nothing there, I'd look in "Add/Remove Programs" for anything suspicious.

And of course, run my scans.

I'm no expert though, just relating what I'd probably do.

BTW, a screenshot might help someone to recognize whether you're experiencing typical Facebook ads or something more obnoxious/intrusive.

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hi, Thank you all for your help!!

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