Desktop with Wireless Card

jane__nyAugust 2, 2012

Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly but I would like to find a desktop with doesn't require a separate wireless adaptor. Laptops have built in wireless and connect quickly, easily. My family has two desktops, one is hardwired, the other runs with a wireless adaptor. We have tried different wireless adaptors but all are slower to connect than built in.

We are looking to buy a new desktop and wonder if they design any to connect like a laptop?

Hope I'm making sense!



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What kind of wireless adapter are you using now?

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They make wireless adapter network cards. Plugs into a motherboard slot just like regular real network adapter card does.
Usually has a little pole antenna on the outside of the back of the tower then, like where you would usually plug in a network cable. .. but then its blocked by all that metal case & not the optimal reception - but you can add a remote antenna usually if the antenna screws on/off.

I've had good luck with the little square directional remote patch wifi antenna's.

Would think that wifi adapter with removable pole antenna would be in the extra options for new desktop computers.

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To answer one question, most new desktop PCs come with wifi capability built in. That doesn't mean it's better or worse, you just don't need to add anything.

You're saying that the desktop with the netgear wifi connects slowly. Once it connects, does it work ok? If you were to put a laptop in the same spot as the desktop, other than how long it takes to connect, would the resulting connection function better, worse, or the same?

(Trying to find out if the problem is the functioning of the wifi adapter, or the location, or simply how long the PC is taking to make the network connection)

I have a (relatively) new Sony Vaio all in one. It's a great machine, all the bells and whistles, but the wireless connection takes like 2 minutes when you first boot up the machine. I'm not a New Yorker, so I can wait patiently ;-) , but it is for sure longer than other machines.

Oh, and I'm sure you know that a wired connection will always be faster than wireless. Also, more secure.

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We have moved from to NY to Florida. We stayed at our daughters house for 6 months. They had Verizon Fios and the Netgear would connect slowly. Turn on the desktop and wait, watching the little monitor icon spin around for 5 minutes. If I logged off and went back on later, same thing, the connection would have to set up again. Real pain.

We are now renting a condo which uses Comcast and has their wireless router. Same thing happens. Very slow to connect, sometimes disconnects and will reconnect. Meantime, my husband is working on his laptops (two) and never has this problem.

When we were living in NY, we had Fios with a Linksys adaptor and the same thing happened, so I know it is just the way the adaptors seem to connect.

No problem with any of the laptops. The desktop is about 7 yrs old but one laptop is the same age with no problems. Both XP, the other laptop is Vista and I have a HP netbook.

I'd like to get a new desktop, but dislike the problems with connecting.

Yes Snidley, the laptops work fine where the desktop is. BTW, the desktop is in the same room as the router. The laptops are in back bedrooms.


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Your cordless phones may be interfering with the wireless happens sometimes....

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You didn't describe how it performs once it connects, but no matter. It's old.

If you can afford it, for $500 or less, you'll be able to find a very adequate new desktop with wifi built in. Performance should be better than what you have now in all respects. If you can't afford it, plug your display, keyboard, and mouse into one of your laptops (or even the netbook), that should work well for you too.

Depending on the configuration of your condo complex, be aware that wifi reception can be disrupted by interference from your neighbors' wifi signals. A solution to this is to see if a different channel is less busy (most people just keep it on the default setting routers ship with and, so , everyone is often on the same channel). Also, be sure to encrypt your signal and use a not too short or obvious password.

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The cordless phone thought is good, although she says other PCs connect ok if used in the same location where the troublesome one doesn't.

A 7 year old PC has given good service and deserves a Florida retirement too!!!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Jane most of the good quality desktops will have built in wifi connection ability, just check the spec sheet on them it will say wireless b/g/n designation on it like this one at office max which is an awesome deal by the way if you are buying.
Be sure that you take advantage of the offer of the windows 8 upgrade option for $14.99

Here is a link that might be useful: Computer

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There seems to be a lot of tail chasing in these forums.

Pardon the repetition from other threads, but I disagree with the recommendations for HP and Win8. HP products have had problems with poor reliability in recent years. Rumors are that they will be selling or dropping their PC business, and so they're putting little effort into it of late.

Win 8 is getting mixed reviews from early encounters.

OP, you can do your own research, find what works best for you. Everyone has an opinion (me and the others), form your own. Good luck.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you know snidely that is exactly right EVERYONE has an opinion and HAS the RIGHT to express them which is what we have been doing here for years.
I personally like HP have had excellent experiences with them I do not like Dell and do not recommend Dell but someone else might like Dell that is fine we can post what we have experienced and the OP can take from that what they like.

What the heck is all this tail chasing??? what is that supposed to mean???
Most of us here have been here as helpers on this forum for many years now, we get along well and do not feel the need to try to slam anyone that is a giving good valid advice and has been here and is well known.
We appreciate your input but...
Why do you feel the need to be so abrasive on so many threads? I have seen you do it to Owbist, myself, and several other regular long time members here.
What is up?

Jane is a regular here she is extremely intelligent we have helped her numerous times here we know that she is well equipped to take from us what she needs and make an intelligent informed decision on her own.

We are certainly open to input by helpful knowledgeable volunteers but Manners do MATTER.

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Oh my! I do believe she has been transformed into the "ragin' cajun". You go girl!!!!!

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+Manners do MATTER+

Yes they do, and I will be mindful of that. My words were more reflective of impatience than anything else,

HP is still a leader in printers, although for a long time the guts of many laser models were made for them by Canon (that's something most people don't know). If you want a REALLY good printer, buy a Canon.

As for PCs, I bought my last HP about 10 years ago and I wasn't happy with it. My company stopped buying them around that time too, concluding that other brands offered better quality and value.

It's a good practice to check quality ratings before any large purchase, and remember that "objective" reviews aren't always objective.

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Snidely, you are new around here??

The regular volunteers on this forum have helped me over the years, so many times, I can't begin to count. I remember coming here a long time ago when I wanted to learn how to cut/paste. I think a Google search brought me to this forum. I come here frequently with any question I might have because I trust the help I always receive.

Everyone is so kind and gentle. I don't feel embarassed asking for help and I've always been given it by the wonderful people who give of their time, talents and skill for free. They work together with respect for one another, even if they have differing opinions.

The Computer Forum is such a comfortable place to come with your questions and problems and always know these 'friends' will be there. I am so thankful for their help.

"My words were more reflective of impatience than anything else, "

This is not the place for impatience. The people who come here do not have your background with computers. We are mostly new computer users or older folks with limited computer skills. Please learn to put your impatience on hold.

Take what Ravencajun has said to heart. Your rude responses will not work nor be tolerated. Learn to be part of a team or find somewhere else to go.


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I spent some time trying to offer to you what I thought would be helpful and balanced information. Sorry if you think my time wasn't well spent.

What was it that I said to you that you found rude? Or, are you saying it is rude to disagree with what someone else said?

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