Newbie needing computer help.

halaevaAugust 5, 2012

Hello everyoneI

I am newbie to Computer Help Forum,

For last three days I have a problem with my Microsoft Works 9.0 Calendar.

Suddenly,trying to open it I got error message, here I am sending the capture of it.

I removed the program and reinstalled it.It did not help. I am searching in Internet for the solution and many fixes i found and performed did not solve the problem.

Would anyone know what might be causing this?

Any sugestions will be appreciated.


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You could try doing a System Restore if you have a restore point available which predates the problem. Beyond that, I can only offer the opinion that perhaps you should begin to explore some alternatives to Works. There are several free office suites available which offer far more functionality than Works. You could begin by looking at Libre Office or Open Office. If you are only concerned with a calendar, you could have a look at VueMinder which has a free version.

Here is a link that might be useful: VueMinder

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I might right click C drive and select properties, then tools, error checking, check the box for automatically fix errors & then at next restart it will scan your disk for file errors and fix them.

If you know how, and have the capabilities, I might also run SFC /ScanNow ,,, system file checker. Checks the integrity of system files.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I suspect you've already tried this but just in case.

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Just a heads up here. If you decide to do an Error Checking as Mikie suggests, which is a good idea and can hurt nothing, be prepared not to be able to use your system for a while as it scans the H/D. It will take some time so don't plan to sit there and watch it. A black or blue DOS screen will appear with information. Just let it go and the system will take care of itself.

If you do schedule an error check you may consider rebooting right away then the initiating process will be under your control rather than at an inconvenient time. The tool does offer a means to abort just before it starts. Once it starts you have to let it run and finish.


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I had that exact same problem with Calendar with Works 8 in W/XP Home. There was a corrupted file. Restoring to an earlier date will not fix a corrupeted file. At least it didn't on my outfit.

After many futile corrective attempts garnered from your friend and mine, Google, as well as trying to restore from a backup HD, etc etc etc ad nauseum, I finally bot a completely new works disk (8.5), (about $7.00) uninstalled the Works currently on board, installed the new disk.

Then I got a completely different calendar, Rainlendar, and quit using Works Calendar completely, make sure it has no residual entries. Don't know how they get there but they do. Spread Sheet, Database anything but that Works Calendar. To bad too cause I like it. Not only that I like Works. Even more, I don't like OO.

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thank you,for your opinion.Most probably I will stay with my Windows Calendar,or I will switch to Windows Live Calendar.or I run Vista (32 bits) SP2, Home Premium on laptop
The Calendars I have installed with my pc purchase are not that good as works9.0 Calendar is.
Thank you for the link.
I appreciate your input .

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Just to be accurate:

As I now remember after installing the new Works 8.5 the corruption re-occured. I then uninstalled/reinstalled Works 8.5 and THAT's when I quit using the Works Calendar and went to the Rainlendar. No trouble since.

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Hi Mikie
I Scanned computer for bad sector,defragnented,cleaned and virus/Malware/spywae scanned and I cleaned the registry as well.I make a new profile.
Nothing helped.So I began searching deeper and in result I found , that the calendar File: MswksCal.wcd is missing .
I deleted works and office from Program File...then renamed them in Microsoft folder to worksold and officeold Then I reinstalled works9.0.from the good installer. It did not help.The file is still missing,Can not be located on cd also,and is not present in registry editor.('Show hidden file and Folder'option is checked.)//My problem is not new and there are many sugestions to solve on Intenet.No one is effective so far.Thanks for response.

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Hi Chuggerguy,
thank you for yur reply and link you sent,
I tried to perform the instruction the link provides at the very beggining.Unfortunetly it did not solve the problem.
There must be something blocking file exicution-I think not so smartly. Windows Security settings?,Norton Security or Malware.The more I think and try to find the solution,the more I get silly.
I appreciate your input.


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Hi Damccoy.
I Will be keeping my head up.In the mean time wil be trying solving the problem ,not only because I want my Calendar back,but also because there is something wrong in my computer and this makes me worried. Reinstalling Windows Vista is not the answer yet,so I tray to get my Works 9 calendar fixed.If I haven't it done,I will use Windows calendar instead of overwrtting hard drive.
Thank you very much for your frindly response.

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Hi mxyply.
I agree with you.
restoring to an earlier stage
does not help,when the files are corrupted,I experience that too.
Your new rainlander.I've learned,that it is for desktop computer.I have laptop.
Thank for your response.

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Yah!!!! That's the SOB I was looking for. :-)

Not for laptop? Ahhh too bad.

The Rainlendar FAQ says you can run it from a flash drive. Dunno if that would work for you. Maybe install it on somebodies' desktop then transfer it to the thumb? Seems a bit much.

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Maybe have some nice person search their Vista SP2 32bits for the file its and path.. the MswksCal.wcd and email it to you.

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oooh People maybe not want to share theirs, as it contains their saved calendars

Apparently need to enable show hidden files in the folders options to see it on CD or Hard drive.

Works Calendar saves appointments, dates, and events in the Mswkscal.wcd file.

The default location of the Mswkscal.wcd file is

Here is a link that might be useful: Works 9: cannot access one or more files

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thank you for the link.
It should solve the problem as Microsoft fix,but it does not.
The problem is rather common and not new.This is strange that is not solved by experts.
I realize the problem can lie within my computer, so OS.
Thanks again.

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The sync capabilities were removed from Works 9 eliminating the option of transferring info from your laptop to your desktop. Could this be the cause of your problem? If so, revert to Works 8 or use the Windows calendar as you mention above.



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If all other apps run fine but one doesn't, it's unlikely to be an OS problem. Not impossible, but certainly unlikely.

I think the world is moving away from PC based calenders in favor of website-based ones. Things like the Gmail calender, which can sync effortlessly with the smartphones many people have, have become very popular. It'll also sync with many PC based programs too, as a way to give you back up, for times (like you've unfortunately experienced) when your PC-based data can't be accessed.

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Hi Anne.
Actually I don't transfer anything from pc to pc.
I agree it could create a problem if I did.
Thank you very much for your response.

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Hi Snidely.

In fact, other apps open with no problem. It did no come to my mind, that this indicates OS is not rather the cause.
Today ,still searching for an answer I found, right- clicking ' Mswkscal.wcd ' that the files is open with Internet Explorer,what astonished me,
as the file extension 'wcd' opens with Microsoft Works by default..
accordingly I am trying to change file association with right program.
I keep selecting Microsoft Works with no awaited result. It can be change to any program but Microsoft Works.
I know,I got obsessive. Must stop it.
thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

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