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GaborSDOctober 26, 2012

I am looking for advice on lighting on a bathroom remodel. Space is 8ftx8ft plus there is a 3ftx3ft space where the door swings in. I have already installed two LED sconces next to the mirror and a Broan Humidity Sensing Fan/Light in the middle of the room. As there are no ceiling lights, other than the night light on the Fan, we were planning on installing canned light fixtures. Without that much planning, I picked up three 6 inch cans (rated for contact with insulation at HD), and one Halo LED light housing intending to put it over the tub (yes, it is rated for showers). The other cans would go over the sink/vanity, and one near the 3ftx3ft entry way. I figured we could take our time and find appropriate units later.

In settling on the can locations, I have come to realize how limiting (and difficult) it is to place 6 inch cans when you only have 14.5 inches between the ceiling joists. Yes, 5 inch units would work better, and 4 inch would be even easier to center, but in general they would not be able to house lighting fixtures producing as much light. I am tempted to do down to 5" units, which per my understanding can also handle the 6 inch LED fixtures. Does anyone have any experience with a similar decision?

Most of all, I fear of making the ceiling look like Swiss Cheese � lots of big holes�

Also, might anyone have thoughts and experience with making LED lights dimmable? Our LED sconces are supposedly dimmable, and even with an LED specific dimmer - they yet to dim.

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I have 6 of the 4 inch LEDs in my roughly 14x14 kitchen with a 10 foot ceiling. We do have an island fixture, but those LEDs provide a lot of light. They were originally halogen, but we replaced the bulbs with the HD EcoSmart/Cree retrofit kit (includes the trim and rim). I haven't tried other LEDs but I understand these have a nice bright white light and are well though of compared to others. I'd make a trip to Home Depot and try one. Screw it into a bare lamp and try it in the room to see what you think 3 or 4 would do for you.

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