Bath layout advice on first schematic design

joallen001October 3, 2013

Just got our first sketch back from the designer. Already received lots of help on the kitchen area. Moving on to the master bath now for some advice. We are in the design stage and will be building first of next year. Pretty much anything can be changed except for the two windows on the front of the house. My initial concern was the location of the shower being right behind the entry door. Any thoughts, design changes, suggestions, are more than welcome.

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Hi joallen001,

Is this the first floor? second floor? what is the sill height of the front windows?

I would be tempted to have his and her walk-in closets flanking a short hallway to the bath, and have the bath take up the right hand portion of the sketch. It would put you a bit farther from plumbing noises, and I would prefer not to see into the bathroom from bed (at our house we tend to leave the bathroom door open when it's not occupied). But, this might not be such a good idea if those front windows start 18" from the floor on the main level near the front door . . . .

Good luck!

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The front windows will be like these. We will have 9ft ceilings. This will be on the 1st floor. Can you explain what you mean by short hallway to closets. Thanks for the comment.

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Hi, by hallway between the closets I meant something like the plan being discussed in the attached link. Though if your front windows are close to the street like in the picture you show, I personally would find a different arrangement from what I previously suggested! Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plan with

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Sorry that pic just shows the style and how the window height will be. We have about a 1.5 acre lot and will sit off the road about 115 feet.

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