Viking Refrigerator leaking into pan

arch123September 13, 2012

We bought a house about a year ago and the appliances are about eight years old. The refrigerator (Viking) has started to leak water into the pan under the frig about 1/2 cup a day. I have no idea what causes this or how to fix it.

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It's probably the condensation that forms on the cold refrigerator coils. That's what the pan is there for. If it runs onto the floor that's a problem.

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rwiegand - yes I think you are right. Thanks. How do you fix this?

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There's nothing to fix. That's what it is supposed to do. The pan should never fill up. The water should evaporate on its own.

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It is the water from the defrost cycle.

It collects in the pain and then evaporates when the fan for cooling the condenser coil normally blows over the pan.

Every 'frost free' freezer needs a place to dump the melted frost.

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Yes but it is spilling onto the floor.

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A couple possibilities, a leak in the ice maker water supply and insufficient air circulation to evaporate the defrost cycle water. Eliminate the first possibility by shutting the water to the ice maker off and see if the problem disappears. (look for an obvious leak as well). Check your coils under the fridge to make sure they are free of dust and air is flowing freely-- a good vacuuming of the coils every couple of months is good for any fridge. Is the drip pan completely full? if not the water may be coming from, for example, a crack the tube that takes the defrost water to the pan, it could be falling on the floor rather than into the pan. Check the bottom of the freezer for ice build-up as wel.

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You may also want to check that he freezer door is closing completely and that the gasket is good. If humid air is getting into the freezer continuously it could overwhelm the system.

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Archie, are you sure it is leaking into the pan? A common problem with refrigerators is that there is a tube that drains from the bottom of the refrigerator compartment into the pan - and that can get clogged causing it to drip onto the floor. When mine was leaking on the floor, I wasn't sure what it was until I checked the pan and saw it was dusty, which meant the water didn't get their in the first place. On mine, which has the freezer on the bottom, the tube had frozen over causing the water to spill out. This site says it is pretty common to get debris in the line as well, or it could be the icemaker leaking - which is another common problem

Here is a link that might be useful: appliance repair forum

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