Ikea Pax system in hall closet and linen closet

auroraborelisAugust 26, 2012

I'm considering using Ikea's pax wardrobe system in a large hall closet (about 7 1/2') and two hall linen closet.

Any experience from anyone who has used them on how they have held up long term? Or any other general advice regarding going this route

Also, I think Ikea has annual sales on the pax system like they do for their kitchen stuff. Any idea what time of year that tends to be held?

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It can be done, but it can be tricky. You need to think about how you will get the system into the closet. How tall is the system versus the door into the closet? How will you handle the baseboard? How big are the returns on either side of the door and how does that impact building the units and then getting them into the closets? Are you prepared to hack them if the closet isn't quite big enough?

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If it's INSIDE a closet, I wouldn't do something like the PAX system. The PAX system has doors and, in my opinion, is intended for situations where the storage goes directly in a room. Also, it only comes in set heights/widths so if your closet dimensions don't add up perfectly you'll end up having a lot of wasted corners/height.

I would recommend something like "California Closets" or one of the knock off brands. We installed Easy Closets in all of the closets in our townhome and loved them so much we requested that our builder NOT install their standard shelving packages in our new house. I've already drafted up the plans for the Easy Closets systems for each of our new closets (all of the bedrooms and the mudroom closet).

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My main question is whether anyone has used the pax system, and how it has held up in the long term.

dekeoboe & Minneapoliste

It is a new build, so returns, height and baseboards are not an issue. I would ensure the space is built to fit in with the dimensions of the cabinets (it is within inches as it is).

My designer wanted me to use cabinets but I thought it would be too expensive, though, I love the idea of incorporating cabinets instead of a closet as that way there will be no returns and I can better utilize drawer options in the bottom of the space.

One of the spaces is within the mudroom and I'm likely going to use Ikea cabinets there, and it would all fit together well. I really like some of the pax door options, and they are reasonably priced in comparison to other closet door options.

As for California closets, it is about 4-5X the price so that is out of the question. Is Easy Closets more affordable?

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GH's link for a review:

They review a few at different price points. I have purchased some awsome IKEA products. My favorite is a long bench I put on wheels and my kids use this everyday with toy bins underneath. It is laminated and very easy to clean and sturdy. If you near an IKEA spend a day and feel the products as every product is on display. I have seen some not so quality items but for the price....
Are you and IKEA family member? They give monthly discounts and offers via e-mail and you can log on to the website for the current offers at each store. Most of the systems are 2 person jobs though so make sure you recruit help. Good Luck with your decision!

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Thanks houseofsticks for the review!

I was actually at Ikea today playing with all the pax options and they seamed great for the price....

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We have the Pax system in our master closet - no doors. It is 3 years old and we haven't had any issues.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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We also used PAX in our master closet and DD's closet. We used the tower portion, without doors to have flexible shelf and drawer space. Between the towers we installed plain closet maid rods and double rods. We just cut the rods so they terminated exactly where the PAX tower began. I'm not home right now, but I can snap a pic later. By mixing the two systems, we got the customized drawer space for much less than using the cheapest systems at Lowes.

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Yep Easy Closets were about 1/3 the price that CA Closets quoted us. But if you plan on designing your floorplan around the PAX system, I bet the IKEA system will be even less expensive than CA Closets! :)

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Thanks westiegirl, I'd love to see the photos! Adding another rod may solve the issue I just encountered as I just got updated plans back from my builder, and the closets in question have changed size so this may not work as easily as I expected.

Does anyone know where you can buy nice 8' tall sliding closet doors, something a bit different than the standard white ones? I love the ones offerred by both ikea, and California closets...

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Post the updated closet plans and maybe we can help you out. Returns are a problem for reach in closets, unless they can accommodate at least three units.

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Ok, here are pics of DD's very messy closet. I snapped them quick and didn't tidy up anything! The closet is a small walk in (6'x6'). One wall has the door, two walls have the PAX tower, with double rods on either side, and the last wall has a single high rod running it's length.

It is not the most high end option, but it gave us all of the functionality we were looking for, at a reasonable price. The configuration has held up well over the past year with a 6 year old who likes to play in her closet and is not very careful with things!

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dekeoboe - I won't have a copy of the updated plans until later in the week, but I'll post them when I have them!

For the larger closets, if I don't go with the Ikea options then I'd like to find closet doors that have three panels that slide over to either side so you can access more of the closet, and have the closet built without returns.

For the smaller closet (it is only 4') I'd love to just have cabinet style doors on the front, so again, no returns.

No idea where I will find reasonably priced doors in either of these styles though!

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westiegirl! Thanks for the photos!

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