Hide-a-hose vacuum DIY?

casolorzAugust 20, 2012

When we built our house we had a company do a rough-in of the hide-a-hose system (I believe it is from http://www.hideahose.biz/ ), anyways, we are wanting to get it finished now but don't know where to get started. We would like to do as much as possible ourselves.

Is there some useful information out there? is there a way to know what is already installed? we have a pipe going all the way to the garage, some wires in the garage and the pipes go to the main floor and basement and they end on boxes that look like the ones in the rough in kit from this page http://www.hideahose.biz/docs/prod_support/HS3000-Installation-Guide.pdf

Anyways any help, tips, pointers, etc would be very appreciated.

Thank you.

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I'm a bit confused by your question. You had a rough in of a Hide a hose system, so I assume this means that you have hoses installed in your house, lines in your walls for the vacuums, but just no vacuum cleaner installed?

Do you have the receipt or contact information for the people who did the rough in to confirm what was done?

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The PVC is in the walls. There are two boxes where the PVC lines end inside the house. The boxes look pretty much like this but covered:


I doubt the hose is already in there but I guess it could be, I don't know how that really works.

And yes we are missing the actual vacuum and probably some other details. I don't have the receipt since it was done by the builder but I do know who did it, I just wanted to avoid wasting their time since I figured they will want to come in and give me a proper bid and try to sell me on their services.

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Can you see a hose in the wall behind the outlet or something you would attach a hose to?

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I can't really see a hose. There is a 12/14 gauge electric wire, and a much smaller electric wire as well (low volt).

The outlet really looks just like this:


And it has the wires and the pvc attached to it. The pvc goes all the back to the garage.

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Is your home a single story with crawlspace?

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The hoses for the hide a hose system are supposed to be inside the PVC tubing.

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We have a basement, however it is finished. But that is why we had it roughed in since we knew the basement would be finished.

I know the hose goes inside the pvc, but I don't know if it is there already or if it can be added later. The rough-in (which came from contacting the hide-a-hose website http://www.hideahose.com/ ) is supposed to have everything you need to do before finishing the walls. I guess I'll have to contact the installers to see what else I need.

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We had someone install ours after the build. They also roughed it in, like you described.

What we needed was the vacuum/motor part that is attached to our garage wall and plugged in. We also needed the hose & hose sock as well as attachments.

You could do all of this yourself, but you need to be sure to get the right powered vacuum unit for your space...

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"The hoses for the hide a hose system are supposed to be inside the PVC tubing."

They are not (usually) included in a "rough-in".... you can easily add the hose at a later date. The vacuum sucks the hose into the PVC for you....

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Ah, my mistake!

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Are you sure the rough in was for HAH and not just a regular CV? The reason I ask is because the HAH install has to be done a certain way. (i.e. correct pipe housing length and gradual sweeps must be used) It sounds like there are rough in kits attached to the pipe terminations, but no trim kits yet. You still need the trim kits, hoses/fittings, and the vacuum itself. You need to also find out the length of the hose pipe housing so you can buy the appropriate length of hose. If it were me, I'd get them to price you out a final install. They should itemize it enough for you to compare prices online. For example, how many trim kits, hoses, socks/accessories, make/model of vacuum, etc. I can't imagine those things would be marked up so much that you'd save a ton by doing it yourself. The bulk of the HAH install is all the piping that has to be installed because the layout and length of pipe has to be calculated properly for the hoses. Don't let them try to sell you a bunch of accessories you just won't use and maybe that will keep your costs to a minimum.

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Yeah it was for HAH. I think I'll give them a call to see if they can give me a quote. I'm pretty sure the length was 50 feet, I kind of remember them saying that was as long as they could go or something like that.

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