Redguard - thinset mesh on corners before or after?

netrateOctober 24, 2013

I am going to use the mesh tape and thinset over the joints in my alcove shower - after the wonderboard.
My question is this : do I use the thinset for the joints
1) before
2) after the RedGuard.

And if there a certain type of thinset that I need that goes on after?

Now I do realise that RedGuard is the only protection I need, but I am doubling up on it and making double sure.

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Tape first. Use a modified thinset. It would behoove you to read the instructions with this or any product before starting your project.
What do you mean by doubling up?

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What catbuilder wrote.

Thinset and mesh tape the panel seams, but be very conscious of knocking the thinset down so that you don't end up with a speed bump at each seam. You want your walls to be flat and in plane.

The thinset will fill the seams.

The mesh will provide a bit of reinforcement.

The RedGard will then cover everything. If you didn't use thinset and mesh tape before using RedGard and you had panel gaps at the cement board seams and corners, then you'd want to use 6" wide fiberglass fabric embedded in the RedGard to bridge joints/gaps.

You'll probably find it easier to detail the corners and seams with thinset and alkali-resistant mesh tape before using RedGard than it is to apply the fabric while using RedGard. By taking care of the seams ahead of time, all you have to do is "RedGard". No 6" fabric will be required with the RedGard.

And again, just like catbuilder wrote, if "doubling up" means that you think that you're going the extra mile by using two coats of RedGard instead of one, I recommend you read the installation instructions. Two coats are REQUIRED by the manufacturer.

Good luck!

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I actually thought by doubling up the OP was planning on using two different waterproofing methods in the same installation.

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You could be correct on that point too. This poster might be the same one that asked about poly and RedGard on another forum.

So only one. Poly or RedGard. But not both.

You were right again! lol

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Thank you for the responses. Can I ask why I cannot have the Membrane for the shower pan and the RedGuard? I already have the Membrane in the pan, I was hoping for the extra protection of RedGuard so the water never gets to there (The membrane didn't go down as nicely as I would have liked).

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In general, you don't want two barriers in a structure because theoretically moisture could get trapped between the two.

If you already have your second layer of mud in place and packed in place around the drain, it's too late to use RedGard on the sloped mud. The RedGard has to go down to the drain's flange, it's referred to as "The Divot Method".

Here's a photo of the divot carved out of a mud base with the drain's clamping ring and weep holes exposed:

You can see a cross-section of what is needed in the RedGard installation instructions.

And sometimes moving pictures can be worth a thousand still pictures.

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