Need advice on Rainshower head height

piscesgirlOctober 30, 2012

Would like advice as to what is the best height for our rainshower head.

We have 8' ceilings. Our showerhead has 2 7/8" height. I am 5'3" and my husband is 6'

If we use a 6" arm the showerhead will be at about 7.25' (1.25' above my husbands head and 2' above my head).

If we use the 12" arm the showerhead will be at about 6.75' (0.75' above my husband's head and 1.5' above my head)

I had read somehwere that ideally you want a 1' distance from the bottom of the rain shower head to the tallest person using the shower, because if the rain shower head is installed too high it creates a pelting effect which is clearly not the desired effect.

I was looking at the 6" stem but now I am concerned that that will be too high for my height and I will not like how it feels. I tried out a rainshower head (moen velocity) at a hotel and it was installed so that I could touch the rainshower head with the tip of my fingers (to adjust the setting on the rainshowerhead), which would mean a 12" arm on my ceiling, as I wouldn't be able to touch the rainshower with a 6" arm.

But I also don't want my husband to feel like the rainshower head is right above his head.


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I would get the 6" arm, and supplement with a nice handshower on a slide bar. Men tend to use the rain shower, women a shower head or hand shower from the wall. Hand shower is KEY for cleaning as well! I do think 12" is too close....

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