How long before I grout the wall tiles? Used Redgard.

alan_s_thefirstOctober 16, 2012

I used Redgard over Easyboard/Wonderboard in my basement bathroom. I'm gathering most people say leave it a week. They're 8" square tiles for the most part, if that makes a difference.

House is heated, no humidifier running right now. +- 20.5C

I left the bathroom fan running. It would be nice if I could grout this Thursday or on the weekend, but I don't know if it's too soon. Started Saturday afternoon, finished Monday.

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It's sort of an unknown. Usually you can grout the next day. But you have RedGard, so you want to wait longer. You have smaller (than 12") tiles, that works in your favor in terms of allowing faster drying.

The more modified your thinset, the longer you'd want to wait; Flexbond longer than Versabond, for example.

If the thinset was mixed wet, longer.

So believe it or not, there's no real definitive answer. If you can let it go to the weekend, that'd be safer.

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Thanks, I can do that. Kind of what I thought.

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