gaggenau 27" wall oven - big enough?

Angela TotelSeptember 10, 2012

Hello. I am getting a 27" Gaggenau steam oven (new older model.) I am also contemplating the older 27" wall oven showroom model at a great price. My concern is the depth. It is only 15 1/2 inches, whereas my old oven is 18". Will I be OK when it's time to cook a turkey dinner? Does anyone have the older steam oven and wall oven? If so, is this enough oven for a family of 4? Thanks.

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I think yes, even though it is shallower than most ovens of their width. Keep the turkey lengthwise or slightly diagonal and it should fit; if not, well, get a slightly smaller turkey. These ovens are incredibly flexible with lots of cook modes, including a rotisserie in some models and an optional heated pizza stone. They're also very well made, and efficient with space vertically (short control panel; nearly all its height is used for the oven interior) that can allow an extra drawer or more cabinet space above or below it than with other 27"w ovens.

One cautionary note - most of Gaggenau's ovens of this size were not 27", but rather 70cm, which is about 27-1/4" wide, and will not fit in most 27"w cabinets - check the cutout specifications carefully. They did make some actual 27"w ovens awhile back but then decided against making a special version for the US only and went to 70cm without even changing the model numbers. As you probably know, they now only sell 24"w (actually 60cm, but that's narrower than 24" so no problems) and 30"w ovens with the side-hinged doors in the States now.

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Also keep in mind that if you use this steam oven and have to replace it someday you will have to use a 24" or a 30".

Gaggenau replaced my 27" under warranty oven with a new oven, but the 27" had been discontinued.

I had to take the 24" and put it in my oversized cutout. The custom trim kit I used is satisfactory but not ideal.

You might want to put both ovens in a cabinet wide enough to allow you to use 30" ovens later on down the road if you had to replace these ovens. After all you can always make a cutout wider. Height is the same on these ovens.

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I am considering that oven myself but I am worried about getting parts if I needed them in the future. It was discontinued awhile back and Gag rep told me they are obligated to have parts available only for 7-10 years.

Do you have any info about parts? If it is not a problem, they are giving me a great price which is hard to pass.


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height is the same on 24" and 27", but I think the 30" is taller

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Angela Totel

You all have been so helpful. Lee676, you were right. It is 27 1/2 inches. I would never have thought to check that. Red Lover, your info and suggestions on the 30" cabinet to accommodate a replacement oven was very useful. Eleena, the parts issue is something that I really should consider. Now I am thinking of the 30" Thermador. I think I'll go with that to put under the steam oven.

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I would have expected the 27" Gaggenau oven to be the same width as their 27" steam ovens

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Lee--I'm pretty sure you are correct.

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