Please show me your External Blower!!!

TWINCREEKSSeptember 22, 2011


Please can anyone show me a pic of your side of house where you would have the external blower "box" mounted to.

Going with BEST Built in ventilation above our 36inchDF range. This will be built under custom mantel style hood cabinetry. I am definitely going with the EB9. (External Blower 900 CFM) I have spent hours and hours on end with this ventilation "stuff". In our situation, externally placing the blower is the best set-up for us. Aesthetically, I am concerned with the looks of this metal box...however, function is very important and need to do what we have to do to properly vent the range. I am hoping someone can please show me your home if you have an externally mounted blower attached. What are approx. dimensions? Are you happy with this blower? How is the inside the house noise? Ours will NOT be on roof, it will be on the side of a 3rd car garage. Thanks in advance!!! :)

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We have a Dacor REMP3 Remote Blower. Our run is very short with only one angle so we didn't need the larger unit which is significantly bigger.
The dimensions are Width: 19"
Height: 5 13/16"
Depth: 25 1/2"

It's mounted along the side of the house on the concrete block foundation just above ground level. We mounted this so that the larger dimension (25") is parallel to the ground and it only rises 19" from ground level and projects about 6" from the wall. Since our house has gray siding the metal blends in very well. We've also finished landscaping and there are evergreen hollies planted in front of them. It's barely noticeable.

We're very happy with it, the noise level isn't bad. We can even open the windows on the side of the house when it's blowing. You can hear it inside the kitchen but it's one of those sounds that you quickly ignore. It's not nearly as loud as an AC unit.

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Thanks for your detailed response. :)
I wish ours could be so close to the ground like yours. Ours is coming from side of garage. We can't mount on roof b/c there is living space above kitchen. We didn't think about this in advance when we were planning to build, otherwise we would have configured house plan better in regards to where exactly/or how exactly this ducting would get out of the kitchen. We don't have an overly long run (maybe 20-25 feet) However, we have 2 back to back elbows. They are spaced way less than the recommended rule of thumb = "keep elbows 2 feet apart at minimum to ensure better air movement/delivery.". Remote blower better choice d/t the set-up with the elbows and of course for the "noise". Guess we need the make up air too. Anything over 300 CFM in our area. I cannot begin to tell you what a royal pain this whole venting situation has been.....all for a range that I BETTER USE DAILY for all the trouble. Won't bore anyone with all the details, just a real headache all around.
Thanks for the input!

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Your thoughts dribble out one at a time. You "don't have an overly long run (maybe 20-25 feet)" Sounds highly nonspecific. Here is a tip. Make the duct size larger, to compensate. Glad you are able to "guess we need the make up air too." Good luck with your next post.

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Ouch! I didn't have any difficulty with the poster's reply. In any case the poster's question concerned aesthetics.
Twin Creeks - will you be able to add landscaping on that side of your garage or paint the cover to match your house color?

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David - Being as you're among the less articulate posters on this forum I think it would do you well to stop criticizing people's posts. I'm glad you seem to have given up the "HTH" at the end of your posts since 90% of the time they don't help, so maybe you could also drop the caustic attitude.

Sorry, TwinCreeks... now back to the topic at hand.

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*** Dear davidro1 ***
If only I had that kind of time on my hands.... I surely wouldn't waste it in the way that you have today.
Just another one of my "DRIBBLING" thoughts....I wonder if you sleep well at night? Feel better about yourself? Seriously, how sad is that?!?
Here's a "SPECIFIC" "TIP" for you; maybe you will find it to be beneficial:
Imagine if you put as much energy into helping others as you do in critiquing them, you may become more than 10% productive!

Enjoy your day! :)

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davidro1: "20-25" feet is specific enough. What difference does it make? DId you want to offer me advice only if I would have said I got my tape measure out and got an exact dimension of 21 feet,5 3/4 inch vs. if it was 24 feet, 10 1/4 inch ??? I know that we are under what the manufacturer recommends, no need to be more specific as the "run" doesn't have anything to do with the aesthetics on the outside.
And to clarify: "guess we need the makeup air too" I am NOT guessing. I know. I am sorry that you took my sentence so literal. I was just saying that I guess we need it, because in our area anything over 300 CFM will require the makeup air. This is code for our city and we would like to pass inspection! :)

maire: yes, we will be able to paint cover to match rest of house. However, there is no way to cover with landscaping b/c of the height of where this is placed. It is a little more than half way up the side of garage (not gonna get my tape measure :) so, don't quote me haha!) By painting it, it will help though. Your set-up sounds perfect. Guess after awhile we will get used to it and probably won't even notice it protruding out. Never imagined this ventilation business would be so troublesome. I cannot even begin to tell you the people that I have talked to about this, no-one ever on the same page, even got 2 different opinions from the actual tech support as to what was needed. I think I have it finally figured out. Hope I love love love my new set-up! Thanks again! :)

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We just got our Abbaka 1400CFM blower mounted and I took some cell phone pictures. We have a small house and it's quite visible from the side of the house, but not so much from the front.

Here's a side view showing the blower:

Here's a view from the sidewalk to the front of the house (front yard is short), cropped in:

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My ducting also goes up until it hits the joists of the 2nd floor, then makes a 90 degree turn and goes straight
between joists to the bathroom, where it meets the remote blower, which is also located between joists of the
bathroom ceiling. The output of the blower continues to go straight to the outside of the house. We used 6-inch round ducting.
The blower compartment is hidden behind an access panel, painted the same color as the bathroom ceiling. We have a
lot of antiqued bronze accents inside that bathroom, so we decided not to try and hide it, but rather to expose it and use a matching antique
bronze handle to fit the overall style of the bathroom.
The external remote blower kit and hood is made by Futuro Futuro.

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danddgbb - Do you like your Futuro hood? Do you remember how many cfms it moves? Is it quiet? I love their glass hoods, but I don't know much about the actual working of their products....

zartemis -- Do *you* like your abbaka? I'm on the verge of ordering the same unit (we're going for the quiet!) but I'm wondering if 1400 cfm is overkill for us. (And, see above re: glass look..) Would you mind sharing what it is you're venting?


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I have 1400cfm Abbaka and no...definitely NOT overkill.

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