Elvira in her new pink frilly raincoat.

caflowerluverSeptember 25, 2012

My sister sent her a new doggy raincoat. Not a happy camper. She kept trying to tear it off. Never could dress her up. And the thing is way too big. She couldn't even walk in it. Just thought you might like a laugh.


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Definitely a laugh! Thanks for sharing, although she's definitely not a happy camper!

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This brings to mind this video. Snicker.

Poor Elvira. Pink becomes her!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dogs and boots.

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Nothing like a chuckle in the morning to start the day off right! Poor Baby

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But she looks so cute in it!

Reminds me of when I put a harness and leash on my cat so I could take him for a walk outside. He laid down and wouldn't get up and I dragged him around the yard.

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Oh the humiliation!

Odo has a devil outfit for Halloween and a biker parka. He doesn't like the headdress part of the devil costume with the horns, but he actually likes the parka - came in handy when we were traveling last winter and got into some snow!

Hard to find costumes for doxies that don't hinder them from walking on those short legs.

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She would never ever wear clothes even if it was to keep her warm. I have tried to put her in doggy sweaters but she would tear the thing apart. Completely unraveled the whole thing! I feel so sorry for her in the winter because Dachshunds get cold easily. Good thing we live out in California where it doesn't get that cold.

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Yup - don't know how they manage in colder climates - probably stay indoors all the time! Odo doesn't like sweaters either - anything knit and snug like that - he just doesn't move and looks up at me like, "what the heck?"

Elvira looks like a pink astronaut - you're smart to get her in that, take a picture, then done!

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Nope, the WonderWeiner loved the snow, he'd go out and burrow into it and when he reached the ground all you could see was the snow tunneling up and that tail, straight in the air like a flag. (grin) I think they get used to whatever climate they live in.

WW would never allow clothing either, it insulted him and he'd tear it to shreds in an instant. Boots didn't work either, LOL.

Elvira definitely does not look happy, no matter how much she makes us smile.

My old dachshund, Tammy, was completely different, we dressed her up in a "bun" one year for Halloween and the girls were catsup and mustard. She was far more mellow than WW was and she loved going trick or treating that year.


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Pictures, I want to see pictures of your dog or cat in outfits, especially Halloween since it is almost that time of year.

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Snoopy would happily wear a hat or costume all day...or a sweater. Chardy, not so much, but I could put a coat on her....but no hat!! NO HAT!!! Chabby liked her coat when it was raining or snowing and would tolerate a hat long enough for a picture. Last year, Latte wouldn't wear a hat long enough to take a picture and trying to get a costume on her was like trying to dress an octopus....perhaps this year will be different....maybe

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Ha! That looks more like she is heading to a synchronized swimming event? Or a special dog shower? So funny- thanks for posting!

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I wonder if you can clicker train a dog to wear clothes. I might be trying in a couple months!

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