Pop-up downdraft behind my slide-in stove.?

mcrownSeptember 28, 2009

So maybe I just don't want to believe the appliance guy, but is it really not possible to put a pop-up downdraft behind my slide in stove in a peninsula setting? I was trying for a standard countertop depth of 25". But according to the Sears guy, I would need an extra 7-8" behind the slide-in stove to fit the pop up downdraft. If this is the case, then the gas Jenn-Air with the integrated downdraft is my ONLY option. Seems strange.

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He's mostly right. I think only Dacor makes a pop-up downdraft that will work with their range - if they still make it. Most pop-ups only work with cooktops, not ranges.

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So am I stretching by asking if you could do a cooktop/pop up downdraft/oven below?

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It would really depend on how much room the popup downdraft takes up - there might not be enough room for an oven - you really would need to check the specs of all the components to see if they'll all work together and not void the warranties. You'd be better off if you could put in an island hood over the range.

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I looked into this a while ago but I don't think anything has changed. Other than Jennair (not a consideration), only Dacor had a range/downdraft that would work together. If you look hard enough you can find an oven, cooktop and downdraft that would physically fit (although it might be a couple of inches more than standard depth) but it each would have to be perfectly installed (not likely), the oven would have to be uninstalled to service the downdraft and the warranty would be voided on everything. I put the oven in the cabinet next to the cooktop/downdraft. Also, Dacor is the only dd that is thin enough to fit; I have one and I would not recommend it.

Stay within the standard installation specs to preserve your sanity.

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Wow, who would have thought that it would be this difficult to put a stove into an island. Since we didn't want a overhead hood, I just assumed that it would be no problem to get ventilation into the space we were working with. I guess I was just wrong.

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It can work with this model KIRD801 from Kitchen-aid

Optional blower motor mounting position (opposite side).
The blower motor box assembly can also be moved to the
opposite side of the vent.

Montreal Canada

Here is a link that might be useful: installation instruction see page 11

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Oh, Jofer, I was so close to excited. :( But alas, the blower motor box assembly can be moved, but it is 9" wide, which is much larger than the knee wall that the box would have to fit inside. Thank you so much for trying for me though.

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I think the GE allows you to mount the motor outside.

It's really not a problem if you use a deeper cabinet. One of the ways to do this is to make the countertop deeper/wider (like a bar) and kick out the back of the cabinet the required depth. For example, lets say the island is the slide-in with standard cabinets on both sides. The counter could be 40" or more deep giving overhang space over the standard cabinets and the stove cabinet could be deeper, but still covered by the countertop.

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This may be too late for your decision-making, but may at least help someone else. We've got the ERV36 Dacor downdraft in our island. I chose it because of its slim profile (4") which wouldn't stick into the cabinet. This lets us have a cooktop with full-depth drawers below.

We don't have a slide-in range, but the downdraft is snug against the back of the cabinet that the cooktop sits in, and with an external blower all we have is a 3x10" duct that goes straight down from the downdraft. It abuts the cooktop, as I think it could abut your range.

I may be able to post photos tonight or tomorrow. Since the cabinets aren't completely installed, the downdraft is still open to the seating area behind it, and you can see how it's installed.

Would that be useful?

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I've had the same Dacor ERV36 pop up ventilation for 4 years- I love it. We have the 600 CFM remote blower mounted outside the kitchen. Dacor makes 2 units - one is 600 CFM the other is 1000 CFM.

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We just went through the same thing. We wanted to install a replacement range in our kitchen island. We ended up going with a Dacor rangetop instead a range with the pop-up downdraft ventilation unit. In our case, we installed the blower in the cabinet below the rangetop. It can also be installed remotely (usually on the outside of your house where the vent exhausts). Definately not as good as an overhead hood but a hood in this particular space would have looked terrible.

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Are you suggesting that there might be room for an oven under the cooktop, even with the Dacor pop up?

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We were told that you could not put a full size oven below a rangetop. Apparently it has something with the location of the gas connection. I do not know for sure that this is true. The blower for the downdraft does not sit up against the bottom of the rangetop, so it is not an issue. I have seen installations with warming drawers below a rangetop.

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I'm fighting with spaces issues and would also like to be able to do an induction cooktop in my island with an oven below and a downdraft. I've found a few downdrafts that are very slim (under 4") if used with an external blower (OK for me), but haven't looked to see if there is an oven that will work. Maybe if I set the cooktop back a little more than normal?

I also see that Viking just came out with an induction range that will work in an island. Very pretty, but pricey and I doubt it will work with a downdraft either.

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Warning ! I have looked into this as a kitchen designer and most manafacturers wont warrantee this even if you can configure it. It has something to do with the heat from a self cleaning oven may melt parts inside the gear box that drives it up and down.

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I spoke to electrolux regarding their induction slide in range and downdraft. They told me it could be done, but needed to be vented outside through a wall. I am replacing a dacor which had the downdraft in the floor so this did not work for me, but perhaps it will help someone else.

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I am replacing my 1995 Jenn-aire gas/ electric slide-in range with an Electrolux induction, double oven slide-in. Does anyone know if I can utilize my current JA downdraft blower moter/vent with a new,free-standing downdraft unit?

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paging infohound, could you post pictures of your downdraft vent solution where you still get full depth drawers beneath your cooktop? we are trying to do the same thing and being told no

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