Lacanche Owners!! Please EASE my mind!!

susied3September 1, 2010

My range is scheduled to be delivered sometime during the last two weeks of September.

Excited, and anticipating, I did a google search on Lacanche today to get ideas, pics, anything related to the new beauty.

I stumbled on something I have NEVER seen before. A web site called Owners have rated it VERY low, saying it was a bomb, made flimsy, cooked horrible, I was deflated to say the least! There are 13 reviews and it is rated 2 1/2 out of 5. All the reviews were either 5stars or 1 star, so I guess you either love it or hate it!

That's a huge investment, and I bought sight unseen like so many on here, and now, I'm nervous! Any reassurance would sure be appreciated. Or, even if bad, tell me!

Thank you!

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Do a search for Lacanche at the bottom of the main page I did!

Click the "Lacanche" at the bottom of this message to see what I found.

There are Web-sites, where people tend to "Pile - On" with "Oh Me Too's" so I would not let just one web-site either make or spoil your day.

Alto GW is by far the best and the most factual, even it has it's favourite as well as "Bashed Brands"---alto, I must say, (As of Late), folks seem to be showing less bias, and really putting up "Knowledgible and helpful Posts"----Well, maybe a lil "Gagging" going on, but that wont last!!(LOL)

Anyway kicks back, Most likely you made a great decision and will be very pleased with it, both functionally as well as Cosmetically!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Lacanche

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I have a friend who has one and has been very pleased with it. They even said, it is a showpiece, but we are surprised at how well it works, both the ovens and the burners.

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I LOVE MINE!!!! Had it for several years. Works great. Just a note, but most of those reviews appear to be british - not sure what that means.


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Joe, I agree, I went back and read them more in detail, and noticed words like rubbish, and boorish, and started thinking, "we don't use those words in America very much" but they were very common on that review site. Then noticed their repair costs being in the pound, so guess those British just have different tastes?

I went back and read through some old threads here as well, and I'm charmed again. :)

Thanks for the input, I was starting to envision all those $$ and a range with drawers wiggling and jiggling, doors sagging, burners blowing up in my face trying to light them, ahh, the nightmare!

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I just saw your now your beautiful Lacanche may already installed! I've been able to cook with ours for about a year...LOVE IT! It's so solid, beautiful, and works so well..enjoy!

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lynncarol, and all! I only wish! Funny, I logged on to see if there were any Lacanche recent posts and find one in answer to my question.

Yes, IT was delivered on October 8th. I was so nervous buying something so important site unseen. We got it inside, DH pulled off the crate, and I literally started tearing up it was so beautiful.

All I wanted was Thanksgiving dinner on this new range!
Imagine my high, (I don't know if you can) while looking at it, only to notice all the burners were sideways! So, I ask DH, "do you think this is normal?" He says, "If it is the French sure cook in an odd manner".......

Looked at the right side, and the top had been hit and pushed over almost 3"....!!!! My tears of joy went to SOBBING out of control. It took me an entire hour to get myself together to call AC.

They emailed me, (it was on Friday) and told me to call them on Tuesday. monday was Columbus Day and they were closed. It was a LONG weekend. I heard from them on Tuesday, and I know they are going to make it right. I put pictures on my photobucket, they looked at them, and don't believe it can be repaired. The paint is chipped, the handles ae loose, so I'm glad they won't attempt to "fix" it.
So, no Thanksgiving dinner, looks like arrival will be January.....
Ahhh life... Just can't control it sometimes! LOL

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Oh my goodness Susie3! You poor thing. I am so sorry you won't get to have your beautiful stove up and running for Thanksgiving. I'm sure it will all work out in the end and be worth the wait, but how disappointing.

I keep flipping and flopping with regard to color and model so I still haven't ordered yet. I lurk hoping for Lacanche posts so that I can experience them vicariously.

Hope it's all worked out for you soon!

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I've had my Sully for 6 mos. now - it took me 2 years to decide to take the plunge -- and it's absolutely fabulous. You won't regret this.

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i've had my sully for 2 years and couldn't be happier. i cook a lot and it works beautifully for weeknights for the family and big parties. I have the traditional plate and the classique burner and find that i use the classique every night, and the traditional plate far less often. but when i do use the traditional plate it is v. useful .... so would i get the french top again or do two classique burners? hard to say.

i had a thermador in my last house and i definitely prefer the lacanche. the 22k burner is far more powerful than any of the burners on my thermador. and i do find the european configuration more useful; i pan roast a lot, so the large burner works well for large saute pans or a dutch oven. then the other burners work well for pots with the rest of dinner ---
And the ovens work great. i like having a gas oven for roasting and an electric for baking. my friend says the broiler would singe your eyebrows if you got too close.

and ... it is beautiful beautiful beautiful. people come in and say ' wow, what is that?'

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Now that some of you who previously posted have your Lacanches...what do you think? I'm on the fence before I get a Cluny. I recently went to the showroom in Washington state and here are some of the things that I'm concerned about:
-lack of clear designation of temperatures on nobs
-time it takes to hold down the nobs to turn the stove on (the gas oven nob wasn't working on the showroom model which really scared me)
-previous posts dated in 2009 regarding the burners unable to simmer at low heat without manually adjusting
-posts regarding nobs and door getting too hot, or oven heating up the room
If anyone can ease my mind regarding any of the above I would really appreciate your candid comments.

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I'm not sure I understand some of your concerns. We have the Volnay and the oven knobs are clearly marked every 25 degrees. Haven't noticed a problem with the time it takes to turn them or found that the knobs or oven door gets hot. I've also never had an oven that didn't heat up the room somewhat. But you are right about the simmering. Unfortunately, we don't have a new model with an automatic gas shut off, so the simmer is a real issue for us. When turned down low enough to work well, it frequently self extinguishes resulting in a gas leak. Not good. To protect ourselves from blowing up, we turned our simmers back up to a safer level and bought diffusers (very inexpensive at They work well but it is somewhat disappointing to need them on such an expensive range. Having said that, the burners are truly wonderful, very powerful and effective and the range is gorgeous. I just wish we'd bought a year later when the safety shut off valves were standard. HTH.

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Thanks Cheril for your quick response! I'm feeling better about taking the plunge.

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Hey susie3,

How is it going with your Lacanche? I finally got my own and really want to love it. It's installed (required a huge electrical upgrade) and I'm using it, but have found it - uh - quirky... Burners take forever to ignite, oven doesn't reach high temperature and makes banging sounds as it heats up, grates are uneven/wiggly and simmer is fairly elusive...
BUT IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Maybe nothing else matters!
Art Culinaire has tried to be helpful. Apparently service technicians are VERY hard to find in the San Francisco Bay Area. (The last one they sent didn't even know how to turn the oven on!) I am withholding judgement even though I'm frustrated. It works OK, not great for roasting but also no dramatic explosions etc.
Thus far, it's main value is it's oh - so - beautiful - appearance.

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Sorry to hear about your stove. Ours has never had even one of those issues. Maybe you got a lemon. You sure don't want to spend that much money on something that doesn't work properly. If it was me, I'd talk to them about sending you a new one.


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The UK reviews of Lacanche ranges are quite negative. I don't know how the ranges exported to the UK compare to the ones for the U.S., but here are some reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll through

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One month laterâ¦

Finally found someone in Half Moon Bay to adjust the burners and oven. That's an hour, or so, drive away. Wow!

Range is better, but still "quirky". Thermocouple's are hit or miss; oven takes 45 minutes to come to 450 degrees; still bangs a bit as it heats up and also seems to steam food rather than roast it. Although the heat pouring out of the oven vent heats up everything near it (as well as the room.)

Burners have lots of power, but don't go low enough to simmer. I know that's a common problem - the reason flame tamers are sold⦠But I expected better.

Overall - it's still the APPEARANCE that really pleases me. Everything else is just OK.

Would I buy it again? I don't know; doubtful.

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