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sugar_flJuly 25, 2011

I have a friend who appearently had her Email hacked into. It sent me & others a letter with a URL in it that had to be copied & pasted to open. Something told me not to do that but I did open the letter as I thought it was from her. One person must have as he mailed her & asked why she sent that to him.. does she & the rest of us have anything to worry about? Is it safe to open her mail?

I'm going to do an Avast boot scan when I go to bed & do a MWB scan now.


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It's always possible that the person was just 'spoofing' your friend's address (i.e. using his/her own account to send an email as if from your friend. But to be on the safe side, in case it truly was a hacker -- or is it 'cracker' ? -- your friend needs to change her account's password and double-check other email settings (alternate email address, any changes in forwarding addresses, security question, etc.). Other things might be possible depending on what her email service is.

Afterwards, it should be safe to open her emails.

She could always take one other precaution: slightly change her 'from' name (and inform her contacts) so that from now on those receiving emails from her can be on their guard. E.g. if emails from her usually say, from "Mary Jones," she could change it to say "Mary R. Jones." That way anyone getting an email 'from' "Mary Jones" will know it's not genuine. :-)

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