Are all black hex porcelain tiles created equally?

threeapplesOctober 15, 2013

I was about to order black marble hex tiles for my master shower floor redo (long, annoying story), but I'm hesitant because of the porosity of marble. So, I'm hoping I can live with black porcelain hex tiles because they are more sensible....I think. But, there are many online and I'm not sure which brand is of superior quality and appearance. Thanks very much.

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We chose the noir hex travertine from The Tile Shop. I had the black porcelains home from several different manufacturers and they all looked cheap to me. Don't know if the quality differed much; look similar generic porcelain. Prices ranged from $5-$12.50 a SF.
The price ended up being within a couple dollars a SF.
We do not have them installed yet but will seal and seal.
We currently have HD's cheapo whit marble 12X12 in our bathroom. unsealed and it's still bullet proof. Even have it in the laundry with a catbox... it's been fine so I guess the black travertine hex's will be fine also.

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You're going to deal porcelain tile? Is that typical?

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Sorry, meant "seal" the tile. Darn iphone autocorrect.

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