Foundation in need of waterproofing- Seeking advice

NY128August 17, 2012

We are in the midst of a house renovation where we are using part of the pre-existing foundation and abutting new foundation to increased the footprint of the house. Where the old and new foundation meet we have a small leak in the corner (approximately 2 feet up from the basement floor). It appears to be a slow leak but with a heavy rainfall we have seen a large puddle evolve. The contractor has applied the black waterproofing membrane twice to the exterior and hydraulic cement to the interior without success. It is now being suggested that we use a capillary system. If anyone has had experience with this system, is it effective for the long term? Anyone have other suggestions on how to handle this issue?

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Is the black "membrane" painted or troweled onto the wall or is it a flexible sheet that is adhered to the wall?

IMHO the best kind is a cold spray=on modified bitumen (rubberized-asphalt) that fills any irregularities in the surface.

Look at Tremco's Permaquick systems to seal the concrete from water penetration.

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