Newer Miele Tabs on the Miele site

fauguySeptember 2, 2010

I was looking on the Miele web site today and noticed that the Miele Dishwasher Detergent Tabs have changed. The box that was listed (and I purchased from the local Miele store) had 60 tabs for $30, which could be broken in-half making 120 wash loads.

Now the new one says there are 24 tabs per box, with 3 boxes included for $35. So that is 72 tabs total. What I'm wondering is if the tab is still the same, where it can be broken in-half, or if the design and shape of the tab has changed, where it can no longer be broke-in half. Has anyone see the new box or tabs?

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Dishwasher Detergent Tabs

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They're cheaper in Canada, $29.99 for 72 tabs.

I was going to grab a box tomorrow to compare to the Somat tabs.

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Please let us know what what the tabs looks like for the new Miele box, or post a picture. I'm sure everyone would be interested if they are the same tab design or if they have changed.

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The website where I bought my Miele vacuums provides so much info about their products I thought I'd check it. They sell the new tabs and indicate they are scored in the middle as before.

If this isn't the case, I'll definitely let them know b/c they would be devastated, based on my dealings, to provide misinformation. Lol.

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I got a reply back from Miele where I asked about the newer Detergent Tabs package:

"The tabs are the same design and shape and may be cut in halves for use."

So it would appear that only the box & packaging has changed, from 60 tabs for $30 to 72 tabs for $35. Still about the same price-per-tab.

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I don't want to disappoint but based on this thread I ordered the new tabs direct from Miele. They are not scored to break in half! Unless they change this back to the old design this is the last set I am ordering. I am wondering if anyone else has the new ones and can report a different experience.

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Can you take a picture of the new tabs so we can see what they look like?

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Here are the pics. I am MOST disappointed. I had gone and tried finish tabs but decided to go back to the Miele because I felt that often a whole tab is a waste and environmentally it did not make sense. Plus being able to split and the half tab working great made the Miele price competitive. These new tabs are plain too expensive if they can't be easily split like the old ones! The pack of 72 contains 3 smaller boxes of 24 each. I hope someone can convince Miele to go back to the older design. Who knows if these are the same formula even...

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Wow. It's hard to tell, but does it have the 3 layers like the older Miele tabs, or is it all speckled looking?
Is the size of these new tabs about the same size as the older one?

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The tabs seem a bit bigger and they don't have the indentation in the middle, they are purely rectangular. Yes, they have the 3 layers like the old ones. I will be going back to Finish tabs after I run out of these - not being able to split them takes all the advantage away.

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Just out of curiosity, if you opened one of them out of the wrapper and tried to break it in-half?

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Do the new version of Miele tablets still contain phosphates?

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@fauguy: Good thinking! I just tried: too difficult to unwrap. Too stiff to break in half by hand...BUT, I can carefully cut it in half with scissors like I did with the older style ones. It is a bit more messy: some of the powder spills out. However, if it is done over the detergent dispenser then I think it will be fine! I store the unused half in a small bowl under the sink. Looks like the Miele tabs are back on my shopping list! Thank you for the suggestion! Tina

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With the older tab design, I would break it in-half while it was in the clear wrapper. Then open the wrapper and put one half in the dishwasher and leave the other half in the wrapper to use the following day. But with this new style of tab, I see it would difficult to break by hand, and the wrapper looks to be tighter. I'd hate to have to use scissors just to cut them in-half as that's more messy.

To me, it appears that Miele found out that people were only using half a tab at a time, so they decided to change the style so that would be less common for people to do. Before, the old style tabs were 60 in a box for $30, but could get 120 loads when used in half. That = less money for Miele, so they changed the design to what it is now (72 tabs for $35).

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Well I always used scissors before so I guess I am no worse off. It is a bit messier without the scoring and the different shape. Yes, definitely too tightly wrapped to unwrap or to break in least in my hands. YMMV :). Can't believe I'm posting about DW tabs...but I do like my appliances to work well and I'm kind of obsessive with DW & laundry detergents :).

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So how has it been working with the newer tabs cut in-half?

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I bought the new Miele tabs online. I cut them in half with kitchen shears and store the other half tab in a rubbermaid container under the sink. I cut up about 10 at a time. Slightly messy, yes. All of the power residue that sinks to the bottom of the container will eventually be poured into the detergent dispenser, so nothing is wasted. According to the box the new tabs are phosphate free. But they work well in my Miele and I haven't had to use any STPP with them.

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Thanks for your feedback, davey1217. Sounds like one of the few PO4 free detergents worth trying. I liked the old ones a lot.

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The new ones seem to be working fine for me too. I will take that idea and cut up several at once and store in a separate container.

What is this about the phosphates - is the new formula different then?

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I think it's happening state by state (?), but new laws recently went into effect (in NY at least) requiring DW detergents to be phosphate-free. Probably the reason behind Miele's new style tabs. Don't know why they had to tamper with the "design" though, although it might be to make it more difficult to cut in half as was mentioned above.

Do these new tabs cut in half clean as well as the old tabs cut in half? We've been using 1/2 tabs (old style tabs) and they've been working very well (except for really full loads with really dirty items, esp if the stuffs been sitting a day or two--then i know to use a full tab).

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I no longer have the box the older Miele Tabs came in, since I dumped them into a tupperware container. Does anyone know if the older tabs contained phosphate and how much? I don't know if it was listed on the box or not.

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By the way, since the new tabs are phosphate free, it might have something to do with this:

But after some searching, I can't find if FL has a ban or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: 16 states ban phosphate

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I still have my box of old Miele tabs. It says "Contains no more than 6% phosphorus in average, in the form of phosphates." I'm sure this is why they changed their formula. Better for the environment! I'm reluctant to try a different tab in my Miele, but whew! those are expensive if you can't break them in half easily. Recommendations for another brand?

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To me, I've never checked the phosphorus levels of any dishwasher detergent, but it looks like Miele went from using no more than 6% to being phosphate free. That shouldn't matter as long as the new tabs clean as good. What I don't understand is why they had to change the shape so you can't easily break it in half, now have to use scissors. I'm starting to run low on my old Miele tabs, so will have to check the local Miele showroom is see which tabs they have now.

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fauguy: I did as you suggested and cut several of the new tabs up in half with scissors and storing in a small plastic tub. They seem to be working well. I usually run my dishwasher on "Normal Plus" and 1/2 tab is good for most loads. So I am happy with the new tabs - except I agree, they are messier and more difficult to divide. However, it can be done.

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Happened to notice that Miele now has a Press Release about the Miele Care Collection II products.

For the new dishwasher tabs it says that it is phosphate-free and contains "a special glass guard formula, water softening salt and a sustainable cleansing agent to provide exceptional results and advanced protection, even with heavy soiling." This is the first that I've heard that the new tabs contained water softening salt. I wonder why they added that since most all Miele dishwasher contain a (real) water softener that you use salt in.

Here's the press release:

Miele, maker of the dishwasher series recently ranked highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates1, introduces the innovative Miele Care Collection™ II series (for dish care) which includes three new products: phosphate-free dishwasher tabs, a powerful rinse aid and specially formulated softening salt engineered to spotlessly clean and preserve dishes, flatware, utensils, crystal, glassware and more. The new generation Miele Care Collection™ II dishwasher tabs combine a special glass guard formula, water softening salt and a sustainable cleansing agent to provide exceptional results and advanced protection, even with heavy soiling. The series is complete with Care Collection™ II rinse aid and water softening salt which go even further to enhance performance �" especially for sparkling glasses and perfect drying results.
"Miele is known the world over for manufacturing the ultimate dishwasher, but you don’t need to own a Miele to use our extraordinary dish care products,” states Paul McCormack, Spokesperson for Miele. “These products are made to protect your dishes and glassware while safeguarding our environment. With so many states banning phosphates, it’s important to consider your dishwashing options. You want a name you can trust to get your dishes and glassware safely clean and sparkling. Taking care of the environment without compromising performance is not new for Miele. And what good is using a detergent that doesn’t work as promised? When homeowners do not get the results they expect, they will waste water pre-rinsing versus changing detergents or even their dishwasher. About 20 gallons of water is wasted pre-rinsing per dishwasher load,” explains McCormack.
Miele Care Collection™ II Dishwasher Tablets
Miele’s new dishwasher tabs are packaged in a water-soluble foil wrapper to reduce landfill waste and to provide added convenience (easy handling without skin contact with the detergent). They also contain a special glass protection formula for optimal care. The new tabs will be conveniently packaged in boxes of 72 tabs that are cleverly grouped to avoid any risk of damaging the tabs. The tabs retail at $34.95.
Miele Care Collection™ II Rinse Aid
A new bottle design offers easier and more precise dispensing without any spoilage. Miele’s fast-drying formula reduces lime and water stains on dishware and cutlery, protects glassware against etching, enhances drying and offers sparkling results. The rinse aid retails for $10.95.

Miele Care Collection™ II Salt
Hard water may damage precious dishes. Miele’s softening salt enhances cleaning while dissolving slowly in water, providing the ultimate in dish care. Dishwasher salt retails for $12.95.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Care Collection II products

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They also released these tabs over here. Our are also phosphate-free, which is interesting, since most of our DW detergents still have over 30% phosphates.

These tabs don't contain salt as such but a replacement ingredient that sort of neutralizes water hardness. Multi-purpose tabs have been on the market since ages here. They contain detergent, rinse aid substitute, water softening ingredients... and then every manufacturer adds different enhancers to claim its product has the most functions.

I don't buy into the all-in-one stuff. I prefer the dishwasher taking care of rinse aid dosing and water softening.


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I made it to the local Miele store today and got some dishwasher supplies, which included the new tabs (they no longer had the older ones).
When I got them home, I took a pair of scissors and cut all them in-half. It was messy, but did it over a plastic tub container I use to store them in. I'll give them a try and hope they work as well as the older tabs. Also, the rinse aid bottle has changed and doesn't spill-out when you pour it.

Here is what the new tab box says:
"Phosphate free - better for the environment.
Sparkling results, even with stubborn soiling.
Integrated rinse aid function for a perfect shine.
Integrated salt to protect against limescale deposits.
Special protection against tarnishing on silver and stainless steel.

Ingredients: 5-15% oxygen based bleaching agents, less than 5% polycarboxylates, nonionic surfactants.
Contains: enzymes (amylase, protease), perfume"

I asked the guy there if there was any new products coming out and was told there was some new cooking surfaces and a new counter-top coffee machine with built in grinder due out the middle of next year.

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If the new tablets contain salt, what do we users of Miele DW's with an integrated water softener do? Wouldn't too much salt be a not-so-good thing?

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The back of the tab box also says:
"Even without the addition of rinse aid or or salt, Miele tabs provide outstanding cleaning results.
For enhanced performance, especially in hard water regions, we recommend using the complete Miele MasterCare Collection. The tabs, rinse aid, and salt are designed to work together perfectly in Miele dishwasher."

From what I've heard, even though these new tabs contain some salt and rinse aid, they are a small amount to allow the tabs to be used in non-Miele dishwasher for better results (that may not have a water softener). But when you use these tab in a Miele dishwasher, they still recommend using the built-in water softener, since that is used in all cycles (pre-wash, wash, and rinse).
If you look a few posts up, it says "These tabs don't contain salt as such but a replacement ingredient that sort of neutralizes water hardness."

The box of salt was like $11 and has lasted me since I first got this dishwasher 6 months ago. I purchased another box of salt today and filled up the water softener, but I could see just a little salt left in the bottom. I have about 1" of Miele rinse aid left in the bottle (that I also purchased 6 months ago) so I got a new bottle, as I have the RA dispenser set to 1 ml dosage (can go from 0-6 ml). Lastly, I got a bottle of the dishwasher conditioner. They said its best to use every 6-8 months for normal-loads, and 4-5 months if you do a few loads daily. The conditioner bottle has a tab you open and put in the top drawer and run a normal cycle with the unit empty (no dishes or detergent). It cleans out any gunk that maybe in the unit (pipes and parts) and helps maintain the water-seal gasket around the door (not sure how it does this). I'll wait to try this after the 1st of the year...clean the unit out good after all the holiday cooking and cleaning!

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I've been using the newer Miele tabs for about a month now and haven't had any issues with them.
I used a pair of scissors to cut all of them in-half and dumped them into a plastic tub with a lid for easy access.
I've only had to use half a tab for washes, just like with the older tabs.
I did do some tests first (with the new and old tab) to see how they would dissolve in a sink of hot water. The new half-tab dissolved in about 90 seconds, but the older half-tab took close to 4 minutes. So I'm pleased that the new ones dissolve faster.

As far as washing goes, I think the newer tabs are a bit gentler on dishes, glasses and silverware but still clean well without anything left on them.

So overall I have no complaints about the newer tabs. I was a bit worried at first because of them being phosphate free, but after I tried them, there's no worries.

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Great info fauguy. Good to know what's what.

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with the new tabs are we supposed to use the TAB or POWDER setting? I have rinse aid, but no salt.

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Alan, which model dishwasher are you using?
If it is an Optima/Exella/La Perla, then you DO NOT want to use the TAB function on the unit. When you turn on the TAB function, that turns off the liquid rinse aid dispenser. So that means when you have the TAB function turned off, then it will use the liquid rinse aid dispenser (this is what you want). It does not effect the water softener.

By the way, I've been using these new Miele tabs cut in half for months now, but in March I happened to open the unit up during the wash cycle to add some cups that I forgot about. I noticed there was a lot of suds/foam in the bottom of the unit, up to the lower spray arm. The next day I also opened it up mid-wash, and still saw the same thing. So I called up Miele and they asked If I was using a full tab or half tab. I told them I was using only half, so they suggested that I use 1/4 tab. They said that too much suds can damage the unit over time. So I cut the half tab in half, making it 1/4 of a full tab and tried that. It still washed just fine, and I noticed there was a lot less suds in the unit. The problem is that cutting a tab in fourths is a bit tricky, and they start to fall apart, so I ended up just crushing them all into powder. It turns out that a full tab = 1 tablesppn, so fourth tab = 1/4 table spoon. I took out my measuring spoons and found one that would work. So for the past 2 months, I've been using it to measure out 1/4 table spoon amounts, and only have a small amount of suds in the unit. I did call Miele back to tell them, and suggested that they need to re-formulate these Tabs so they don't make so many suds in there, as a full tab would make suds that cover the lower spray arm.

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I took a few pictures today to show the differences I'm seeing in my Diamante.

The first picture is what a full new Miele tab looks like, which measures about 1 tablespoon when crushed up.
As you can see, there is a lot of suds that completely covers up the salt lid on the left and
most of the filter handle on the right:

This second picture is taken with one-half of a new Miele tab, which measures about 1 teaspoon when crushed up.
This is what I had been using earlier this year, when I noticed I was getting suds.
Since this is only one-half Tab, there are less suds than when using a full tab.
You can slightly see the salt lid on the left and more of the filter handle on the right:

This third picture is taken with one-fourth of a new Miele tab, which measures one-half-teaspoon when crushed up into powder.
I have been using this amount for about 3 months now, since I called Miele and they told me to use less than a half-tab.
As you can see, even more of the salt lid is visible on the left and the filter handle on the right:

In this final picture, I have used one-half of a older (original) Miele tab that I still had.
As you can see, there are no suds at all, the water just looks a bit cloudy:

Based upon this and my experience using the new and older Miele tabs, the older formulation was better
since they did not create any suds at all, regardless of using a half or full tab.
But with the newer Miele tab, I have to crush them into powder form and use a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon to dose it out, which is equal to 1/4 tab.
To me, this is ridiculous to have to do, considering the price of $34 for 72 full tabs.
But when using only 1/4 a tab per wash, a box of 72 would equal about 288 wash loads.
It's my opinion that Miele should reformulate so that the tabs create less (or no) suds, or produce it in powder form so that people can easily measure their dosage.
One thing to note, regardless of using a new full, half, or quarter tab, everything still comes out clean.

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Does anyone know how the Somat tabs work? I was going to get more of the new Miele tabs for my new Optima being installed today but now I'm wondering if Somat would be less sudsy.

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Tonight I was wondering if maybe my water was "too soft" and that was the cause of the suds when using the newer Miele tabs,
since the box says that the tabs do contain some salt.
So I lowered the water softener level on my Diamante from 8-11 grains down to the lowest setting of 0-4 grains.
I again used 1/4 Miele tab, which is equal to one-half teaspoon when in powder form.
Here is the result:

There's not much difference from before when I had the dishwasher set to the 8-11 grains setting
and using the same one-half teaspoon of Miele detergent:

At this point I'm not sure what to do for there to be no suds since I'm only using one-quarter of a tab (half a teaspoon).
I don't think I should try less, as that would be one-quarter teaspoon (which is 1/8 tab) as that would be almost nothing to clean with.

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Since my Miele Diamante dishwasher started working again today after having it unplugged since Friday,
I decided to purchase and try the Method Smarty detergent tabs.

Here is what half of a Method tab looks like
after it is the wash cycle for 10 minutes:

I then drained the unit, ran two rinses so it would be cleared out.
Then I used a full tab, and this is what it looks like after 10 minutes:

So there is more visible coloration to the water when using a full Method tab,
but there are no suds, unlike the newer Miele tabs (see the other pictures shown in this thread).

After dinner tonight, I ran the dishwasher in the regular Normal cycle and used half of a Method tab.
I checked it mid-cycle, no suds, and items were looking clean.
After it was all done with the wash, rinse, and drying, I inspected the items, and everything looked clean.
In fact, everything looked as clean as when I would use the Miele tabs....except no suds during the wash cycle.

I'll continue to use this bag of 20 Method tabs and see if they keep working well.
If they do, then I'll buy more and not use the Miele tabs any longer.

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Very informative fauguy! Thank you for the visuals and your determined experimenting!
I'm off to buy the Method tabs for our newly installed Optima, that has yet to be run for the first time!

Our 35 year old Hobart-made KitchenAid, finally bit the dust--never even one service call! Hmmph--we,
thought it should have lasted awhile longer, and talk about warranty coverage--what's up with that! LOL

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This is news I can use. Thanks, fanguy!

Any thoughts about the finish/electrasol tabs?

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I've been using the Method Smarty tabs for the past 2 months and haven't had any issues with them. At first I tried a full tab and a half tab, but since then have only been using a half tab per wash as it cleans just fine. So a bag of 20 tabs get 40 wash loads for $6.

When I ran out of the first bag, I went to buy more from Target, but they no longer had them and was discontinuing the brand. I ended up buying 2 bags from a Whole Foods store, since the only other place that had them was on-line.

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Consumer Reports just updated their ratings for DW detergent.

They note that some detergents can leave a white residue with hard water (Method Smarty tabs one of them).

Be sure to use your built in water softener if your water is hard or use something like Lemi Shine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lemi Shine

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Thanks fauguy. You Miele/tab posts have been so useful. I have since tried the Method and the Finish (regular, not the quantum). I am convinced that both are as good as the Miele tabs and once I get through my Miele tabs I will not be repurchasing. I checked my DW and like yours, with my water which is fairly soft, I get suds. I see no reason to keep spending on the Miele. So far I think I like the Finish a bit better than the Method. But since I am rotating through 3 products right now it is hard to get a consistent overview. Once I am down to comparing the 2 side by side it will be eaiser. BTW, I found the Method tabs at Lowes. However, I am not liking that I cannot find a bag bigger than 20 tabs. I am a "buy in bulk and forget" type.

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From what I've seen, the Method tabs only come in a bag of 20.
The first bad I got was from Target for $4, when when I went back, they were all gone (discontinued).
Amazon sells them (5 bags/box) but their price-per-bag is more
than just buying it from Lowes or Whole Foods for $6/bag.

I haven't tried the Finish yet. Some people have said they
like to use the Finish Quantum (with the red rinse-aid ball)
but have said there is a bit of a chemical smell after it
is finished washing. I know the Cascade Action Packs that
I first tried last year left a chemical smell, and was one
of the reason why I changed over to using the Miele tabs.
I'd still be using them (the newer ones) if it wasn't for
the amount of suds that they create.

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A few days ago I purchased a 10-pack of the Finish Quantum just to try them out,
as I still have about a half bag of the Method.

The first thing I did with the Quantum was to try it in my
Miele Diamante empty, just to see if it created a lot of suds
(like the newer Miele Tabs do) or if there is a chemical smell.

After I heard the detergent door open, I waited about 5 minutes and opened the unit. There was a small amount of
suds, but not nearly as much as the Miele Tabs, but still
more suds than using the Method half-tab.

Here's a pic of the Quantum after 5 minutes:

Closed it back up, waited about 20 minutes later, opened
it and the suds were gone. There was a very small smell,
but not nearly as strong as the Cascade Compete.

Later that night when the unit was full, I tried the Quantum with it and I turned off the automatic liquid rinse aid dispenser.
Five minutes after the detergent door
opened, I checked it and there was some suds, but a few
minutes later they were gone.
The next morning I checked it, and everything was clean, but a couple plastic cups still had a bit of moisture on the inside, and all tupperware item were wet.

The next night I used the Quantum again, but turned back on
the rinse aid dispenser to setting 1, which is what I had
it set to with the Method and Miele tabs.
The next morning I noticed that plastics were dry (like it
use to be) and Tupperware was less wet, but still slightly damp.

Overall, in using the Quantum tabs over the past few days,
I've noticed that everything does appear a bit cleaner, as
some cups/glasses/mugs that had some coffee/tea stains are
now gone. Also, everything is more shinny. But this pack of
10 tabs was $3, so 30-ceents a tab, which I think is pricy, and they can't be cut in half since it's all powder inside.
I'll have to check how much the 45-tab box was at the store
or if it's cheaper to buy it on-line. The Method is 20 for $6, which is also 30-cents a tab, but since I cut those in-half, I get 40 loads at 15-cents each.

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