Toy help.

centralcacyclistAugust 24, 2012

I am attending the birthday party of the five year old son of a casual acquaintance. This is probably not an educational toy opportunity. I'm thinking remote control something. Or Nurf gun thingamajig. I am out of the loop on toys for 5 year old boys.

I need ideas!



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A book....he may not be thrilled as he would be with an action figure....but it's a good thing.
How about Where the Wild Things Are? Or Winnie the Pooh? or The House at Pooh Corner? Where's Waldo in all it's permutations is also good.

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Any remote control car will be a hit. Red is the preferred color.

Forget educational.... ;-)

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We got our then six year old DGS a spy watch with video, recorder, and audio plus lots of spy games last year for Christmas. I remember it could look around corners and had night vision. We were heros. It was around $30. He spied on everybody - great fun. I'm sure a five year old wouldn't have any trouble working it, they are all so computer savvy today.


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I give children's books to new moms to begin a library for the child to enjoy when they are a bit older and like having books read to them. Otherwise it's hard to know what's already in the shelves.

Helene, I'm glad you think a RC car is a good idea. I will wrap up batteries, too, if I decide on that.

Tricia, the spy watch etc. sounds very cool. Do you remember the brand name? I will do some online perusing before I go shop. I will probably simply go to the Target store that is two blocks from me as I am still recovering from this nasty cold. I may not make it to the party. I might drop a gift and leave so I don't spread this around. The party is tomorrow.

Thanks everyone. I'm pretty clueless these days about toys. I haven't set foot in a Toys R us in over 12 years. And I don't have cable TV so I don't get exposed to the lastest new kid thing.

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Any nerf toy works. Even their footballs or basketball sets. A super soaker water gun would also be well received, by the child that is, :)
Personally, I wouldn't buy a book unless I knew the child's reading level or interest. I also wouldn't buy sand art or an ant farm. The parents will hate you. Anything that flies in the air is also good, like a stomp rocket.


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That spy watch sounds great. I'm making a note for a future present.
Books are great, if the child likes books. I made a bad mistake giving books to some little cousins for Christmas. My kids loved getting books, but these kids actually cried!

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Oh no, crying over books!

My kids had a great kid library and were read to constantly. They are still not readers for pleasure. They have no problems reading for classwork. Both are good writers. Daniel learned to appreciate reading while he was sailing but I don't think he's kept it up since except for school.

I am looking at remote control things but am leaning toward the spy stuff like night vision goggles, etc. Nerf stuff might win out. I'll see what's at the store. Maybe a 2-person tent. An inexpensive 2-person tent is about the same price as a play tent and probably sturdier. My kids loved their tent.

I will send off an email to the mom with my ideas and let her chose. I know he lost his Razor scooter a while back. I'm not sure if it has been replaced so that's an option, too.

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How sweet of you to ask before buying! Know the parents too, my SIL will get rid of any nerf gun, the boys are pretty obnoxious with each other with them in hand. Both would love the spy toys or the remote control anything. Legos are always a hit!

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I think so many kids these days are "book deprived" in favor of electronics...that I give books very often...
However last year I gave a remote control helicopter to my grandson for his 17th birthday...along with a check....and he pronounced it the best birthday gift ever. Great fun tormenting the dog!!
Gave the same thing to another grandson who had a birthday near the same time, a year younger....and he didn't like it quite as well....loved it but not best ever!

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Oh, I LOVE Nerf guns, so does Bud. Super Soakers are relegated to the pool, of course, but we all have one of our own. Mine's the biggest. (grin)

If you don't think the parents would lose patience, Nerf guns are great fun, as are those marshmallow guns. Endless ammunition and it doesn't hurt, but they get squishy if wet and draw insects if not cleaned up.

My grandkids both love magic sets too, you can get very simple "magic" tricks that you will then have to marvel at over and over and over.....


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I ended up buying a remote control Jeep with mud on its tires. :) I was unable to attend the party because I have been sick all week and am not a lot better. I will get the gift to the birthday sometime this week.


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