Bluestar Ventilation?

Davis_HelenSeptember 28, 2013

Leaning heavily in the Bluestar range top (6 burner) direction as we plan out our new build.

The appliances we are looking at are a bit of a mixed bag - including brands from Bluestar, Wolf, GE Advantium, etc - so not a lot of harmony there - so one thing I was considering was at least matching up the logos on the Hood and Cooktop - curious if anyone has any experience with the Bluestar hoods and how they compare in terms of sound and performance to others like Broan, Best, VAH, etc.

I do plan to call them to discuss what they recommend in terms of size and CFM for the range top we are planning on -

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I have a Bluestar rangehood with a 1200 cfm blower. It works spectacularly and is very easy to clean. You just toss the baffles in the dishwasher and wipe down the rest.

Quiet, however, it is not. My understanding, though, is that there is no magic to quiet. You either mount the blower remotely (or inline) or you put up with noise. I always check out the hoods at family and friends' houses. If they are quiet it's because they just aren't moving much air.

I did not have the option to put the blower on the roof or elsewhere because our hood is directly mounted on a back wall.


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I second what stooxie said. I have a 1200 cfm bluestar hood over a 6 burner RNB. Smoke capture is terrific. A lil noisy on full blast but its not on full blast alot. It's also nice that the hood has infinite variable control instead of high med low like others.

As to the mixed bag of appliances, that's what I have too and i love it. I don't think you'll find one brand that excels at every appliance. But as long as they match up aesthetically, you'll be good. Mine all have that industrial/commercial look of the bluestar so it all goes nicely.

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I needed a custom hood for my sloped ceiling, so I went with Prizer, which is Bluestar's parent company, and used to be Independent Hoods which have a good track record. Mine is a 1000 cfm remote, (on the roof) over my 36" RNB with griddle. It works great, and the fit and finish on the hood is as good as I've ever seen! It is a work of metal art!

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Thanks so much for the inputs - did you guys go with the hood and cooktop it was covering being the same width - or did you say put a 42 inch hood over a 36 inch top?

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Sophie Wheeler

Donn't forget makeup air. Get your HVAC person involved now in that.

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Mine is a 36"x27" As I didn't want it hanging out over the range side since it is on the end of a peninsula (yes I know, a GW no-no;)
Check with local regulations on MUA, In SoCal there is none, I had never even heard the term before reading about it on GW. Open windows year round in loosely built old cottages are pretty common around here...

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I did the +6" thing. My range is 48", my hood is 54". I would definitely do that again BUT I think the depth is important, too, for capture. I don't think Bluestar does 27" depth only 24. If they did 27 I would opt for that without question.


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Kristen Hallock

I have a 42" Bluestar pyramid hood over a 36" RNB range with 6 burners. It is 600 CFMs, but we don't have a griddle or grill on our bluestar, just the 6 burners. It's loud.

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I went with the 48inch ventahood. Works very well and is remarkably quiet. I have a 48 " bluestar .

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I am not 'that' familiar with VAH - but have heard promising feedback, yours included - is it quiet with an internal blower? or are you set up with an external? Thanks!

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We are also going for a 48" BS and thinking a 52" insert with 1200 CFM and I'm completely befuddled by brands/choices. AJM is pushing the Faber as they said it is really quiet and much cheaper, but still has the 1200 CFM and the baffle filters and removable grease liner.

My local dealer was recommending a Best or Ventahood but they are at least $1K more expensive. I'm just torn if they are worth it or not. AJM guy says no different that really matters, as it is all branding. What do you all think?

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