Toilet: which would you buy?

jaycoOctober 4, 2011

I am over-budget and only have a couple hundred bucks to spend on the toilet. I could get a used Toto Carlyle (I'm sure some people think buying a used toilet is icky, but when we bought our house the toilet in there had been used for, say, 30 years), or a new American Standard Cadet 3 two-piece.

I also looked at the Toto Promenade 2-piece, which I could get for around $275, but would rather keep it to $200.

Thanks for your opinions.

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Me? I'd get the used toilet.

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Me, I would get whatever toilet you really want and if it is a few bucks over budget big deal. Better than looking at the toilet you really didn't want for the next 15 years, plus it is a minor expense when compared with the overall cost of a bathroom remodel. I have a Promenade w/ sanigloss in ADA height in my powder room that is very nice and was able to find on sale for only $299 delivered a while back. Just got a Toto Aimes (one piece/double cyclone/ADA for just over 400 delivered for my master bath redo. This thing sells for upwards of a grand in my local stores. There are lots of good deals out right now so get what you want AND at a price you can afford.

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Totally agree with golfschnell. It seems unfathomable to me to consider buying a used item--with no warranty--than to buy what you want. The high end Toto toilets (other than the Neorest etc) can be purchased online for less than $500 at most. You can't really be saying that you can't find the extra couple hundred of dollars if you are doing a reno in the first place. So just skip a few dinners out. Seriously.

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Golfschnell, I am looking at the Aimes toilet for bath we're redoing - how do you like it? Anything you can share about performance? Can you share where you got such a good deal on it? I'm only finding it as low as $540. Thanks!

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I opened this thread to see what people are saying about toilets and I can't believe people are so snarky about other people's budget! What may be just another couple of hundred bucks to one person may well be the last straw, especially having gone through a remodel.

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I agree. There's a reason that you set a budget for a project. If you bought exactly what you wanted for every single thing, then you would have an unlimited budget and the project would cost whatever the project would cost. If you have a budget, you work within it.

If you want a Toto toilet, I'd get the used one to help stick within the budget.

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I put a Toto Promenade in the bathroom I did last summer, I find it hard to keep clean and right now it is not flowing right due to my 22 year old son buzzing in town and doing who knows what in it!! Neither of my plungers work well on it so I need to bring my auger home and clear it out.

I am renovating two bathrooms right now in my new house and I am putting American Standard Cadet 3 in both. I had them in 2 baths two houses ago and never had a lick of problem with either. Have not been impressed enough with my first Toto to buy another.

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Uh-Oh, I have a Promenade waiting in the wings to go into my BR. I guess I'll have to see how it goes.

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"I can't believe people are so snarky about other people's budget"

me either. Some have a mega minor budget - like me.

when you think about it most people use a used toilet when they move into a house. Even when visiting friends - or out in public shopping, at a restaurant. Just buy it a new seat - that's what I do.

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Gerber "Avalanche." Priced right and a good buy....

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My toilets are all Kohl;er and I've been very happy with them. The Memoirs is a bit more, but the Cimmaron can be found just over $200 with the Highline for less than $200.

I am assuming you have seen the used Toto and are happy with the appearance of it. Assuming it looks good, do you know anything about the history on it or why it is not in use in its former location? If the tank and bowl are in good shape and do not leak, they do clean easily and well. It would be a good idea to replace the seat and the inner workings -- the former for your comfort and the later to assure everything works well after the toilet has been sitting unused. We have moved into 2 houses that sat vacant for a while and both times had to replace all the internal mechanisms on the toilets. The most common issue was leaking, causing the water to run constantly from the tank into the bowl. The inspector and a plumber said that was common after period of non-use, so I'd just start with new working parts. If you are comfortable with it, yep -- most of us have bought homes that included used toilets and not even thought about it.

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You can get a new Kohler Cimarron for about $200, which is a great toilet. American Standard Cadet or a Kohler Wellworth would be a good buy also at about $50 less. Honestly, as long as you buy from a decent brand, toilet performance has come a long way in terms of consistency and performance - spend $150-$200 new and you should be satisfied.

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Jean Bo

I just heard consumer reports just rated toilets and toto was not top of the heap. That said I have two totos and love them. I agree with other poster if you like the looks of the used toto, get that you could even offer them a bit less.

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